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  1. i only had this today, but then a few times in a row - only as host though, might or might not be relevant. usually, when using the amesha AW with active 4th and 3rd ability, the AW is invulnerable as long as the 4th is running (3rd will constantly tick the energy away, therefore the enregy level won't maxed out and the invulnerbility keep on). so, inside deck 12 now, when exploiter orb is moving around and doing her 'snowstorm' thing, the damage will go through the invulnerbility of amesha and kill the frame therefore. this is not happening everytime, but i had this in todays runs after the first go at the spider and re-entering the cave doing another run at her. the first run didn't have this happen but 3 runs after that did... then, the next one did not. on the next two matches, after cashing in at fortuna, the problem was similar, though in one of them, it happened only at the first run. strange thing indeed ^^)
  2. ah yes, didn't know that - before we were able to buy those 3 'systems', i already had reached the max rank ( having the max MR and thus a higher daily cap helps a lot... as well as doing the heist with active booster and maybe x2 weekend/operation bonus). i guess a way around would be if those 3 part could be droped as very rare resource from specific places like the torids too - with the same same chance as them.
  3. well, not only do i remember gilding them, i have them all named and stored in the trunk ^^) but, i still checked with legs about this and had no option to gild them (again) - so i think that may not be the problem (though, i normally don't double check everything i master, so i "could" still be that the points are missiong from them... but so could from everything else). like i said, at least for one board i DO know i didn't get any mastery after it was level 11 - for those i did monitor. what i also know, is that i didn't got the mastery points from the first, bought board - but that was a general problem after the release and i didn't kept track if DE ever docked me my mastery to this board (mostly since i mastered other stuff in the mean time and wouldn't really notice). usually i start paying attention to the mastery points when i'm close to the next MR-level (just this weekend, so to speak), and if i hadn't seen several other players who bought hildryn right away and mastered her before the rest could even farm her, and hadn't i then compared their profile to mine, i likely wouldn't even noticed it at all... but i did and when i was mastering those boards for the sake of getting enough points for the MR27 test, i noticed the mastery points not being added.
  4. well, usually the gyromag is what drops most often from the spider, so many people moaning about when they get it again instead of repeller or atmo ^^) btw: here are the standing prices for those 3 things at little duck (if you didn't look them up already): gyromag, 1000 ; atom, 2500 ; repeller, 5000
  5. for now, you can use it if you activate her 4th when using her balefire.... sucks, but that seems to be the only way for now.
  6. this happen only on those very low level fissure runs on earth and only if during the mission lotus changes the objective to extermination. if by then the team doesn't have enough reactants collected, the chance is high that after the meager kill count is reached, the spawning of enemies will stop completely and the relic will be impossible to open. suggestion: either let corrupted enemies keep on spawning regardless of how long it takes, remove the mission change from fissure runs entirely or remove earth from being a fissure location for mission types that may include such 'objective changes'.
  7. yep, i had this too once. bad timing (and ofc, DE seem unable to announce updates and fixes for more then 5 minutes).
  8. hmm no, i remember all moas being 'gilded' by me - also, i did observe 'not getting' mastery points for at least the one board (the 2nd one) - the first i had bought at release and seemingly mastered soon after... though i never got the points back then - though it was supposed to be fixed a while back already... only that, i can't really test now. this board, i had 'ranked' up to 11 before i noticed not getting any mastery point and then, stopped using it until a few days back when i saw DE had finally put all 4 boards into the equipment/vehicle tab of the profile... so since i also were very close to MR27 then i started building the other 2 boards and 'finished' the one i had done till rank 11... with this one i saw no more mastery point adding up - the other 2 boards did add mastery points though. so my guess is that the missing amount i noticed is from at least the 2nd board and very likely the first one, that bought back then, too. either DE didn't correctly run a script over the accounts to rectify the missing mastery points or did nothing at all. i certainly won't building those two boards againg to get the mastery points, not with leveling them being such a pain in the arse (beside the vent-kids standing i would need to get the BPs, same pita here...). funny enough, the k-drives are the only modular equipments that don't need the 'gilding' procedure - maybe there lies the root of the problem with them. also, only the board i bought, i could name - the others are just named 'k-drive' if i'm not to pay the 'entitle' fee... that is kinda lame imo - maybe DE should have stucked with usual build, level, gild, master line of work, like all the other modulars they made... (not that there wasn't enough trouble with them too).
  9. +1 to that. even though i read this earlier i just done it out of habit ^^) lucky for me i need to format hildryn and balefire anyway a few more times...
  10. yes, if you have anything other active than balefire when activating aegis storm, you can't use balefire during it... a classical case of too rushed a fix for the previous problem - and likely all that just because they stubornly want to forbid us the melee mode when using heavy weapons (something that was evidently fine until the melee rework).
  11. well, mine 'is' shown as mastered, but i'm pretty sure the points where never added to me. i already formated it too and also tested those 'tips' some wrote, like rearanging or removing all mods and do some tricks outside - nothing changed.
  12. still after the (not so) not fix? this looks more like the root of the problem lies with the melee changes and not exclusively with the exalted weapons... also, i just found another bug with her 4th. not melee related though (or so it seems). when using a kit gun while activating her aegis strom, you can't use balefire while it's active... only tested with gaze-based kit guns, but will try with the others as well. all kit guns are affeced. at least it's not permanent (the rest of mission). oh my... not only kit guns, but EVERY weapon other than hildryn's balefire will cause that you can't use balefire during aegis storm... great fix THAT was ^^)
  13. nope - they didn't. and still no way to get 'ruinous extension' into a BEAM weapon like the gaze-based kit gun... maybe by bumping this up on the list it will 'remind' them about it?
  14. so, i just done the MR27 test and noticed (not for the first time) that something is off with the amount of mastery points i have. with just now having hildryn mastered (and therefore been able to do the test), i only misses the founder stuff, war and the wolf sledge as sources for mastery points. as it happen just yesterday, i was building and mastering the remaining k-drive boards i was too lazy till now and i noticed that for the first board (which i bought back then when fortuna was released) and anothere i build and had mastered to rank 11 then, that it seems i neither got mastery points from both... the other two boards i build yesterday and then mastered in a few hours of rather boring grinding (literally speaking here ^^) had given me the correct amount of mastery points though (i were very eager to double and tripple check this then). usually i wouldn't have noticed this at all, but since i saw a few MR27 since a few days and looked at their profile, i know that i also should have been at this amount of points - some even had more missing than i do and had more point. and before you ask, no i DON'T missed any points from the map (not that there would be enough points to get from there for the difference anyway). since the k-drives are known for mastery problems (and especially those bought and not build) and them only recently appearing in our profile list as mastered (or not), and i actively watched the progress of 2 and a half boards being mastered by me, i can conclude those being the culprits here - which would be indeed the missing amount (2x 200x 30 = 12000) of points that others with about the same masteres stuff have more than i do.
  15. i had this too with some mods i had not maxed out but already equipt in a frame or weapon and then, by using the 'mods' option from within the arsenal, increasing their level while the mods are still equipt but going over the max. capacity. with some mods, there will be a warning while you attempt to increase their level and them being used somewhere, but with others not - resulting in this negative capacity. also it seem only doable when going from inside the arsenal into the mod-workbench, not by trying this from the mod-workbench in the first place. while this might be exploitable, it would be too much of a pain in the arse to do so instead of just formating it again - because like Juliannb above me said, you can't change the mods thereafter without the 'effect' being removes and you, again, being unable to go over the capacity (and likely being forced to forma the equipment anyway - or re-think what to put in).
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