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  1. great.... so you made us jump through all those hoops just because you couldn't get this done the more easy way? thx, guess we're all good trained doogies now...
  2. i was worried that you mess up aiming with wings equiped... but it turned out ok ^^) the wings disappearing when aiming on ground is rather good and you should consider making this an option for shoulder-decoration as well since it would help with visibility on certain frame/cosmetic combinations too... the aim-glide position of the wings on the frame i tested it with is also ok (would be sad if the wings would get in the way during aim-glide). the visibility when on ground and not aiming is a bit problematic but i guess you can't have it all, so screw it ^^ now, how do it get r
  3. did you checked what the windows event-log is saying about this? usually it should be something in the system-tab of the event log saying the windows had to restart the nvidia driver due to some 'illegal opcode' crashing it.... i had this with other diver versions too before but either DE fixed the problem or the newer/older/beta driver i tested then didn't create the problem anymore... anyway, this is quite a hard to detect problem and only if the devs would debug the game right at your computer as it is (not even the same hardware/software constallatio might re-create this problem)
  4. there are many (far too many and no final fix sadly) thready about this already - this here being the latest i just read (looks like a different problem, but isn't - same old animation interruption crap):
  5. why's that? this week NWs tells us to do 10 syndicate missions, not to collect medallions or turn them in.... it never did ask for such afair - but riven mod challenges do so occasionally but this would still be no problem since you don't need to turn them in, only collect them. in any case, you sure are at max rank with some syndicates (usually 3 of them) and even if only with one (e.g. if you recently 'switched' sides like i do occasionally) you get 3 missions per day and thus could finish this task in 4 days. beside this you should be able with the normal daily standing limit to get en
  6. hmmm.... this still is an issue? i had this (luckily only once, but i don't need to go fishing anymore - except if NW would 'force' me to do) right after releas of deimos once and lost a bloody lot of not only fishes but also hunting tags and tons of gems/metal that i farmed for over an hour then... my adive: never go fishing after you done other farming.
  7. might be capped... but is this really THAT necessary to have? as for the values listed in the profile, i suspect them for a long time already to be totally bullѕhit anyway - many of them in my profile are incorrect in both up and down values and especially the 'used gear' values are laughably wrong... so i wouldn't even care looking at any experience gained values for specific gear. the reason for this might be that DE is saving so many data already and that often those data got 'lost' in transition too (likely when they are transmitted back to the control-server after a mission and
  8. no, this is as intended.... BUT you can use the sentinel mod that would let you collect red-orbs even with full health. as for picking up energy orbs when your energy level is full, there is no other way as to use some of it though - but that shouldn't be a problem... here's the mod: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Synth_Fiber
  9. well yes, this is a rather old issue. luckily you can 'circumvent' it by first changing to another tab, then change back to invasion BUT take care to NOT hover with the mouse over any invasion alerts until you got the pointer down to the lowest alert (use the scroll wheel if needed to get the lowest entry visible). that works all time... ofc, if you're playing with a controller you're out of luck and have to use the mouse for this - but sicnce you are listed as PC-player, this should only be a inconvenience.
  10. maybe we should invite DE's staff to some extra math-lessons? or maybe just their computers ^^) sending invite-ticked now...
  11. don't bump threads, it only annoys the mods... but yes, stagger seems to be the culprit yet again... it also is for a lot of other glitches like being stucked in one mode or the other and being unable to use abilities (also, this can happen even in mech-mode where theoretically you can't even get a stagger beside the silly self-stagger after a dash). sometimes those glitches 'fix' themself after the usual 'dying/respawning, jumping into water/abyss/out-of-zone or even, if possible, changing mode (operator/AW/mech/k-drive) sometimes it even fixes itself after some time or rather if some 'r
  12. well i'll be... either i never noticed this or it's a 'newly implemented' feature...ehmm bug ^^) ofc, it's mixed blessing/curse since the energy can go both ways... so rather they fix this sicnce it could spell doom to a solo run when you had to go into pause-mode and running with a energy-depending frame and are out of pizzas (or in steel-path / onslaugh). i wonder if this came to be when we got the mechs - or after the 2nd mech at least since they 'excluded' (unwisely imo) the mechs from gaining energy from most sources, but left the effect of energy-drain on them intact. or i
  13. also, you can feed the bugger even if he/she/it is already stuffed (hopefully doesn't grow too fat or else we need a bigger ship.... or move to our railjack instead ^^)
  14. ah yes.... and here i thought DE wanted to go cheap on us ^^) guess, they couldn't decide if something like that has to be a daily or a weekly challenge and simply mixed up the points... happens.
  15. i usually don't care about any signature weapons when creating a loadout - i go with whatever i think is most fitting for a given mission and those little bonuses are of no consequences as far as i can think of. they are nice and if DE wants to adjust some weapons to specific frames, i'm fine with it but i don't think that it should be mandatory.
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