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  1. easy to repeat this bug: on the plain or the valis, go either with the shedu equipt into AW-mode and switch to the secondary weapon or launch with the secondary weapon and then switch to the shedu - it wil result in none weapon being fireable anymore until you leave the AW mode. visually, you do switch between the weapons, even to the melee of all things ^^) but you can't use it from your AW. the source of this bug seems to be the shedu only since i only had this whenever the shedu is present in my loadout, regardless of the other weapons... i think i might have something to do with the very fast auto-reload of it and not the 'secondary' effect of the weapon since i can produce this bug even without firing the entire magazin first. like mentioned, once you get back to the normal mode the weapons can be used again - and if you don't switch weapons while in the air, you can use the weapon you launched the AW with without any problems too.
  2. ahh... so, with my 100cap vidar mk3 reactor, i just go empty... damn luck... i guess.. thx anyway, since the rng range on those reactors were really too much. but beside the capacity, you might want to think about some of the other values from the equipment too? there are more inconsistencies out there...
  3. didn't said stealing, didn't i? ...and no, i can think of no other than warhammer40k atm, but you're likely right.
  4. beside this being an issue for a long time (even though very rare to happen) it does not hurt you gameplay - the 5th person might not even be aware of the rest of you (had this tested a long time ago - sometimes the extra tenno could see the chat, but more often not). if you still don't like it, just reform the team and it will ok again...
  5. deactivating your firewall and you AV is NOT what you should do for any game to work - and warframe has no problem at all with them. spot listen to idots who claim otherwise - no one with a tiny bit of network knowledge would say such nonsense... wha tyour problem might be is bad network setting in router/modem - especially the NAT setting can make a lot of problems. if you use manually portforwarding, see that this is done proper. if you use any kind of vpn and/or proxi server, see that they are also correct configured. if you can't access and config your router or modem, ask whoever is the admin over your privat network to do this.
  6. fr4gb4ll

    Lost a Void Hole

    there is no help for you to get it back -especially if you didn't make a f-6 screenshot and saved the missions logfile... and even then i doubt you would get the lost things back. but ofc, this problems with bugged intermission/dojo loads have to be adressed asap.
  7. +1 to that. it had some issues from the start, but after the last 2 hotfixes it seemed to got worse.
  8. that, and also you don't need them at the trade kiosk at all - it's enough that YOU are there to initiate the trade.
  9. this was pretty much my own way of thoughts then ^^)
  10. not saying your wrong about the total amount of damage done to all enemies in a specific area (those that are in a line of fire), but it's more often not necessary since either the enemies are so low in level that they will go down with the first few bullets of an automatic weapon and then the next one behind them wil go down to - and so on... ofc that still requires that one had to stand still for some seconds (thus static fighting). i'm not saying that even with the dynamic run&gun method pt is of little use - it's, but it's not that much necessary since you won't have your weapon pointed long at one target anyway (mostly by circling around it and just aim at the next one once the first one is down). this is ofc only true for fast firing weapons - slow fire and single shot weapon are a different story. there, pt is of great use and make all the different in a game like warframe where crowds of enemies come at you all the time. it's just not my style using such weapons much in warframe and therefore i rarely use pt mods beside the prime shred in the main guns - and only because of the extra 55% firerate, not because i also get the pt from it (which is still nice to have though).
  11. maybe not banned, but it should be a toggleable option for the host is others are allowed a certain position - the host should have the free choice of what she/he wants to do (since the host is 'paying' the 'load' in the payloads afterall ^^) actually, most of the times when i ask around if someone wants the helm they either have no idea what i'm talking about (kids these days...) or don't want to fly - even with the best avionics and weapons available for them... and the thing about refining - right after release, peolpe gone apeS#&$ when the others forgot to refine every few minutes... now that most people have tons of the 4 main resources at hand (and home) it's more annoying that no one bothers to refill any payloads during a mission. so, it's argueable if the forge should be have such a restriction - in the end we can get fulltime dictator even on our own ship (though i really wish we had the big-boot or airlock them out option on players sometimes... there is a fine line between pug and puke at times ^^)
  12. post 27.0.9 railjack crewships (CS) still one shot an AW with their homing weapon CS still spams the healing orbs far too often healing orbs block of about everything - unstrap the damn nullifyer on the CS hood! this orb should be an one-time-healing-only explosion, not some corpus crap CS that has been captured and fully cleard of grineers still deploys those damn healing orbs... but now, they are not destroyable... they do heal the enemy, they look the same as from the others CSs and better yet, they now even cover!!! the orbs from other CS from being shoot... isn't live just great? AW guns are now even less effective - if you think the equation of half armor but double health has done something positive to the bulletsponge gameplay, you certainly didn't test this in the veil... and the decrease of the armor reducing procs now made it even worse: before i had to use about 200 bullet from my anti-fighter build phaedra - now i have to use nearly 300 of the 400 bullets to even destroy an lvl35 cutter (non-elite). and no, no healing cheat-effect on them either - but woe if those buggers do get one... if you don't want AWs out in the field, just prevent them from it... tycho seeker vs milati... i just build one of the dumbfire launcher and really have to wonder who though it funny that those launcher have only 21 missiles compared to the homing seekers which sports 31 in their mk3 version... give those other useless dumbies at least twice the number of the seekers - we don't even have real use for them since we don't (yet) have any targets to bomb and the fighters are just too fast for them to bother woth a lucky shoot (except in combination with certain battle avionics - but if that is the reason for this, they i have call it a bad design choice) wasn't there suppose to be an 'always' minimap now active in the gunner seats and the helm? for i don't see it if i don't activate the map-overlay beforehand sitting down - only the team status is now there (which is someting, i guess) engineering rank 10: i do get the feeling that repairing via anastasis cost revolite but does not gives the affinity of repairing manually... at least it works now (afaik). ok, scratch this, it looks like it does give you affinity even though it doesn't show this (had to do some solo runs to test this properly) fire/electr. hazard-removal is still more or less russian roulette if one is trying for this 'sweetspot' to do so fast - even when perfectly stoped in the middel of the shown zone, it might or might not work. ergo: more often than not the whole thing costs you more time than it would have by doning the 'full-circle' method... and i speaking about being the host here, so no issue with bad connection to the host. more to follow, i'm afraid...
  13. Whatever you done toward the 'bubble' problem, it's now even worse than before the fix - just change the whole mechanic of this space nullifying heal-orbs into something insubstantial that won't block every damn projectile. and change the crewships while at it - they spam stuff left and right... even those you have captured and cleaned of all grineer!
  14. ...this one is really getting old. a host migration during the boss fight let one of the heads disapper (the corpus one in this case) - results in the mission impossible to proceed. usually i do this damn bug-fight alone, but with a bloody bow-only condition this is far to bothersome. how about you finally come around and fix the damn lephantis bugs or prevent it from becoming a sortie boss? let add to this: several other weapons won't do damage - that or only the hosts weapon do damage (at least the damage worked again after migrating). 3rd time in a row with todays sortie... really great you guys listen to our complains about every time lephantis is the sortie boss... with some conditions it's bearable, but having to solo the damn thing with an bloody bow for an hour is something else.
  15. you forget about a important point though (at least from DEs pov): the droptables... there are maybe some redundancies about the enemies in railjack or even the whole game itself, but there are also so many things that have to be dropped that the whole system would have to be revisited - and yes, i know that we could do just well with many of those drops, but they are there to make our lives not too easy i guess. also, i guarantee you there would be many more people complaining about less variety of enemies than about too many of them... personally, i tend to the middle way - to few and it feels boring, too much and it feels unnecessary (even if it's not, gameplay wise). i didn't really count every shiptype in railjack yet (and likely won't bother to do so), but it more or less 4 fighter types (well, 3 and the one you named a corvette, the outrider) which have some sub-types with fancy names and maybe an extra 'skill' to them. you could therefore call them bomber, figher and interceptor for the fighter and maybe gunship for the outrider... the crewship is already named (by cy) a destroyer-class ship. then we have the (although only static) galleon, one type of static, destroyable turret and one very powerfull 'turret' that can't be destroyed but deactivated on the missile base... the rest are either static undestroyable objects and lootable/not-lootable destroyable ones. all in all, not really that much compared to most games and to the normal warframe gameplay - therefore those dragyns could fit in, imo, as filling the role of grineer 'drones' (manned though) or 'dynamic' defense (like i suggest above). oh, and i guess i forgot the ramsledges, but they are just the typical ferry on the star-ocean here ^^) i always get the feeling DE 'borrowed' this particulary idea from warhammer40k (the orks like to use a similar method of boarding there).
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