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  1. the sentients, at least those on lua, uses differents spawn methods - if we forget the 'spotter' ones that need to see (or feel) you before it calls their big brothers in to fight. for example, the sentient 'spawning' time in the extermination/crossfire node on lua is about one minute after mission start - always, but where the scanning sentients will actuall be in the level can differ a lot. then, the spawning in the mobile defense seems to be annoyingly during the part when you have defend the console from destruction... in the survival node, they seem to spawn in rather fixed timeframes, similar to the rotations plus one or minutes. so, if the zealots behave like them, we might see the same different 'behavior' in their spawning mechanic... which is something i'll try to keep in mind (meaning to put in mind what mission i witness them, when and under whatever circumstance). all in all, they sure seems to be less frequent than the saturn six fugitives were... and they give less standing too ^^)
  2. don't do drugs ^^) beside that, 24 hours ip-lock if you entered the wrong pw too often (which is 3 times, i think). ofc, you could change your ip too... but i'm pretty sure if you try to brute-force your way into the account this way to often, the whole account will get locked down and then it might take some weeks waiting for the support to 'solve' this problem - so make sure you remember the password or use the 'can't remember password' option on this sites login screen to get a new one... which i guess you already did or else you wouldn't been able to create this strange thread ^^)
  3. it's all about the used weapon: don't use explosives or the the opticors for it since they seems to bug out on this challenge when they kill both the pilot and his craft at the same time. use hitscan weapons with a high accuracy like the fulmin in auto mode (100% acc). also fly in an AW yourself and lure the buggers up high, so you'll have time to snipe them pilots off when they get ejected out of an exploding flyer... but best is if you snipe them out of their vehicle in the first place - far easier than aiming at those tiny spect being ejected in annoying arcs at high speed.
  4. do your research here: https://rivenmarket.com/ or on the discord channels about warframe and the riven mods (there is one dedicated to riven). or, try some outlandish prices in the trade chat and see if some fools fall for it...
  5. your problem is: you liked limbo the way it was before... many players did not though. it's a simple math equation, really: people playing old limbo <= people playing new limbo ofc, the true numbers are only known by DE and afaik they not yet (or ever) shared them with us, but as far as i can see it in the day to day playing, far more people play limbo now than before and what's more important, is the higher level of toleranz toward limbo player. before, it was a frame for either diehards (like i guees you are one) and for a very limited set of mission parameters where he did shine (though never really was mandatory to). rest of the time, people didn't like having a limbo in the team. there still are people who dislike having him in the team, but thats usually stupid ones who can't adapt to his abilities. as for the 'boring' effect, you'll that to every frame or weapon sooner or later - even the most 'complex' ones dulls after one mastered them for a while - and don't forget DE still seems to think that warframe is to be a 'casual' game... so don't expect they change something to 'dark souls'™ niveau (or, let it there if they, again, created something there ^^)
  6. beside having only about 10% (IF only ^^) of my list actually consist of people i play with more often, that sure doesn't bother me - but, you people at DE can only blame yourself for this by not thinking ahead when creating stuff like "do an X-mission with friends" condition every now an then for challenges... and speaking of capacities: you done the same nonsense with the riven mods. you created them so that weapons that are rarely used gets more interesting wit those mods... what you did create instead was a) an heavy addition to the powercreep we already experience with new weapons being created and b) a new way to let platinum circulate around. both things are ok and i can't say if it help anyone (players or DE) or not, but the stated intention for the riven mods, you did not archieve at all. and why is that so? first would be humans being creatures of habit and rarely ever want to change their favorite toys (though luckily some do or else we would still hang around in trees ^^) and the other reason is the cap-limit to how many riven mods we can own - and no, not the original one but the real max. you give us (that's 90+1 riven mods)... if you really intended the players to use weapons commonly known as "mastery fodder" instead of the 'usual' WMDs they run with, you should at least grand us the amount of riven for every weapon you released, right? i mean that's what logic dictates any sane person. now, people hunt for riven mods of their favorite toy-WMDs more than they ever try out old guns, which riven they might get, instead... i'd say: mission failed.
  7. by trading a riven, did you mean you wanted to sell one? if not, and you were to buy one instead, it might be that you were over your riven capacity. another possilbe reason would be the now needed 2-way-authentification both players need to have activated to do inter-player trading... so, either you or the other player might not yet done this procedure and the trade was therefore prevented from the system. i don't know what kind of message DE chose to show in those cases though.
  8. yeah... i think the update process rendered the game fubar... never found out how exactly that can happen, but to some people it happens sometimes to others even regulary... i'm pretty sure it has multiple factors playing together (and running background processes are very likely being a major factor here). in any case, there are several methods already described in the forum over the many years this happen, so start reading through them and test them. you shouldn't do anything to the installation at this point, or you'll just end up reinstalling the game (which, if you have a good bandwidth might be still the fastest way to solve this ^^) my first try whenever i got such error is deleting/moving/renaming the the two config files, the EE.cfg (which is more or less of no importance for the seemingly launcher probelm, but just to be sure, do it too) and the launcher config file named 'settings' - no extentions with this one... it's in the subfolder with the long, hexadecimal name where the EE.cfg also is stored. i guess you already checked for any network related issues on your end already (and no, just because you have internet connectivity doesn't mean there can't be any issue leading to connection problems to the login server) - so if you have an exotic network setup or did some changes in hard or software and/or network settings (router, firewall, NAT-settings etc...), you probably should look into this changes again. oh, and DON'T do any verification from steam (if you use it) - if you do or did, you'll end up (again) with reinstalling the game... verifying via the launcher setting is ok though - and while in there, you might want to play around with the settings there too - especially the directX settings were sources or problems and also solutions in the past (though they had this fixed last year afair). and one more thing...you might want deactivate discord and any other overlaying program until the update problem is fixed - those 'addons' sure are some of "those" above mentioned factors - not only in warframe, but in other games too... so remove or at least stop them until warframe is running correctly again.
  9. which is the best way to fix 90% of every computer related problem (some non-computer related too at times ^^) anyway, might have been your video driver crashing and windows doing a bad job restarting it fast enough or too fast for the application where it crashed (warframe for example often have this problem) to handle it correctly and then crashing, or even normally being ended, without unloading some used resources (components the driver would put into the memory) properly and preventing a normal start of any other (or the same) program/game loading it up again... well, for short: forcing the user to reboot to get things running again. considering how complex operational systems and also apps/games are, it's wonderfull that we can fix many problems with a reboot ^^)
  10. so, this can also happen in normal missions... as for now, i only had those problems during eidolon hunts when getting knocked down right after switching back from operator to frame... it's repeatable but not easy to time (also, i already posted it in the bug section in the last 12 months...) the end result of the glitch can be different (as maybe even the root of them is) and goes from being invulnerable but still being able to run (but not sprint) and also use the weapons equipt (in some cases i even could switch to operator mode back and forth, still using the map but no frame abilities anymore) to wired stuff like being able to do everything but having your camera fixed in one direction (or worse, stucked in one place while you can run out of th ecam-view from there...). some times dying or jumping into the water (anything that force-teleport might do the trick too) helps solving the problem, sometimes not (especially dying if one ends up invulnerable ^^) what also helped me quite often but ofc is only usfull on the plains or the valis, is switching to the AW via bound key - though occasionally not even that... i suspect the main problem comes from a bad timing of interrupted animations coupled with bad host connections (since i never had this whenever i was the host). like someone above already said, especially those player who hosting via those damnable wireless connections like 3G, 4G and likely the new 5G standard too provide a whole lot of wired problems in the game... and since more and more people uses this kind of uplink, those problems also arrises in warframe more often than some years back. at this point i'm afraid DE can't or won't do anything about it since they can't force the players to use only the 'good' connection methods like DSL and cabel-modem for playing and likely won't be able to make the way of data correlation between the host and the clients more reliable (keep in mind warframe is a p2p-type of multiplayer game and uses UDP instead of TCP for the transport of data packets...). what they could do is sniffing those wonky user out before they get to be promoted to host - it might not be perfect and will likely make matchmaking take longer (again - we had this in the past, i think) but short of giving every user the option to opt-out of being a host or better yet a real, fully configurable lobby-system whith all necessary information and settings, this might be the only way they can improve the problem... or, they won't do anything and let it be as it is (which is my guess, they will do).
  11. well... i think i had that 'issue' a few times already and think it's due to the typical problem with bad host-connections - especially those host who play via a wireless uplink like 3G which is prone too loss of UDP-packets (which is the way warframe send and recive data between host and clients. anyway, you're right about the timing and the use of armament at this moment (though sniper shouldn't be any different in this case) - it might even be easier if you only have one weapon at all equipt. still, since only your twin will end up with the perma-ironstaff, i don't see it as too much a problem... keep in mind that a fairly good modded monkey-god will have no real problem to run with his ulti for the whole time anyway and also, that like in your video, your frame will end up without a weapon in hand forcing you to fist-punching from there on (or, like you said, to forcefully fix it by jumping into a pit/replacement zone). though i do like the way for getting the fist out - some thing we should have a choice to do imo...
  12. very unlikely they'll do that - but in any cases, you should have made a backup of the "EE.log" file right after the session with the problem - and i mean RIGHT after, else, the next mission you do will overwrite the EE.log again and all the information in it will be lost (like playernames, the time and maybe even the reward choices given or taken... not sure about this though for i didn't dig through it after a fissure run - you can try, since it plain text with only timestamps and some other information added to it). same goes for every major problem in the game too: if it happens during a mission, backup the EE.log if you want to... 'support' the support ^^) sometimes they'll ask you for it too. for problemes with the launcher, the launcher.log is needed (this one will get overwriten next time the launcher will be started). there are some other log-files too, that are about starting the game and the defrag process (or the 'cleaning up' DE seem to call it ^^) btw, if the game crashes (in a more or less 'normal' way, the logs and some other data will be saved in the the subfolder 'crashes' as dump (dmp) files and you can catch them before pressing 'send to DE' and move it for looking through it yourself. oh, and in case you don't know where those files are: c:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Warframe\ is the place t look. also remember to make some screenshots with the ingame key for it (F6) the support might like them too - and don't use any other screen-shooter like the steam one, for the ingame one will add some meta-data to it that might be important (or not). the pictures from the 'F6' use, you can find in a subfolder named 'warframe' within your default windows picture folder (usually c:\USERNAME\pictures\warframe ). still, even with all the prove in the world about the missed loot, don't hope for them to give it to you. that not even out of malignancy, but for rather logical reasons like someone could otherwise 'fake' such errors just to get them rewarded later on (yes, that is possible, but imo would take a lot of work too, so i doubt any fool ever tried it ^^)
  13. isn't the almagams spawning depending on the alarm level (at least for those mission were alarms of any issue)? in any case, every time i encountered the zealots (also, only herold and proselitizer - the baptizer might come in later episodes) was after i spend at least 5 minutes in a mission (maybe more) e.g. i got them in every syndicate mission when i spend time looking for the medallions, which takes usually more than 5 minutes. i doubt they use any kind of spawning mechanism the 'assassin' type of enemies do but use their own. i had them appear on jupiter and the plains too, but since there is no real rythm in their appearance, it's hard to prove any connection to other units spawning... well except maybe if someone witness them appear at the same time, then this would be prove enough.
  14. we all know and use (occasionally) the good ol' "/unstuck" command. it certainly helps most of the time we slided into some unfavorable corners... but there are some equally needed things the game needs: one, something that might 'teleport' us back to the start or equally safe spot for those occasions where /unstuck won't do the trick - something the game obviously already have since it does this (most often) when we fall through the floor or similar glitches. the other one that the game needs is a command that re-initialize the client GUI (hosts too, but the need is mostly for the clients). not only do i experience severly gui-trashing on regular occurance (usually due to potato host and/or wireless uplinks used by the host... something that happen more often the last years) but also all those gui-errors one gets as a client when joing late into a game (e.g. interceptions that doesn't all/any defends-point or their status, the progress or the status of team members... list could go on forever - if it's on your gui, it can go hairwire). this certainly can be done easy enough to the game if it's not already in the engine (which, since this an unreal engine based game, is there) and it also can't be misused as far as i can see (prove me wrong, if you can or want). anyway, there are certainly more QoL console-commands that could improve the play experience, so put them in the list - maybe one day a dev might read it and think it a good idea ^^)
  15. this certainly would be (kind of) fun if we could, but i'm afraid the 'normal' level aren't suited for this kind of action... though, the damn volt-speed-steroids and/or wukong ironstaff + berserker ground-spins are already near the lightspeed barrier... so wth not ^^) while at it, let us fly through corpus ships with our AW ( #deathstarendfight )
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