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  1. ah well, now i see what wrong: we talked about different things - you, about that the key would have to be re-equipt even if you only wanted to fo the 'intended' purpose of opening a vault and me, thinking you meant to use them as 'intended' de-buff (hence my commend about the intention of the keys). sorry for the missunderstanding. ofc, you are right that it would be annoying for those who do multiple vault runs and each time had to re-equip them... ususally (when i still needed to do them and when we only could carry one key) i only had one ready key at hand to prevent getting the key debuff and the debuff from the vault too.... ofc, that was also before certain frame were available who don't give a damn about any debuffs at all... so yeah, i only meant the unintended uses of keys the whole time (and forgot the intended ones ^^)
  2. yeah, and i sure hope you weren't one of these 'crusaders' her in this thread (or any similar ones) that ever complained about some game mechanics being exploits, cheats overpowered, etc... because if so, you're a hypocrite. and to make it clear: personally, i don't give a rat fart about those things - they can be left alone for all i care as long as no other players are harmed (which in most cases are not even IF DE changes them - they often do that for totally different reasons).
  3. 'intended' purpose? my arse... just because some people 'think' it is, doesn't prove a damn bit - but ofc, if you can link me an official statement from someone over at DE who said that at any time in the last 8 years, i'll reverse my statement about it, pinky-promise...
  4. uh great.... i stumble out of the door and find a ѕhitstorm thread right on he other side (i knew the sun was lying to me all along ^^) but as for my piece of 'wisdome' about the 'issue' here: sure the combo is somewhat lame but certainly not an exploite as some wisecracker called it here - it's 'just' a typical case of a complex system (the game in this case) being too much so for its creators (DE) to see in all the aspects... this happens to so many 'projects' that i won't even bother to count anymore. DE simply didn't though of what could happen if you put in a change 'A' and then combine it with one or two other existing parts (B and C) and get fubar as a result... i can't even blame them for it and so shouldn't anyone else for everyone of those people would have made the same or worse mess, that i'm sure of. should DE change something about it? absolutly and likely they will as soon as they notice this little piece of art and found a useable solution to it. as for what to do in the meantime, i would suggest the annoying tactic: just let the game automatically unequip all dragon keys after each mission done so the play has to go into the arsenal every time and put the damn thing in again - it's also great for all who regulary forget them after some derelict un-fun. and yes, that will also 'hurt' those chromas who somewhat relay of it as well, so so what? the keys also where never meant to this little stunt either and it not that they can't use it anymore, they just will feel the pain in the arse now. for a 'full' solution for the (seemingly) problem, i somewhat shudder new mess it will create... but i'm also curious in nature (maybe in a sick way, but whatever ^^) and so likely find that 'solution' funny too. oh, and for all you crusader (on both sides of this): if we really would go and hunt down all those little tricks that never where meant to be the way the player use them, the game would get pretty dull, pretty fast so i thing one should complain about those exploits that are really are exploits and not just logical flaws in design - let people use them till they get ironed out and stop pointing fingers needlessly - afterall, next time the witchhunt might look right at your own favorite way of playing... and then it's ѕhitstorm time outside again.
  5. considering how much work one has to put into the mechs to make them usefull, i wonder what all the fuss was about - the silly people who can't even guess the operator is needed (or read it somewhere, if not in the stor description) could just as well do the few things necessary to get their operator up and running (or transfering). it takes far more time to farm the mods for the mech to be of use than reaching MR 5 and beside that, anyone who buys mindlessly stuff sure has enough money anyway...
  6. ... i have to admit, i never even tried it out myself eventhough i have done every scan for the frames by now (or so i think)... maybe DE should offer another version of it: instead of frame vs frame, a "double dragon" beat-them-up version where one can solo-play against ai-enemies for those who don't now what i talking about (due to lack of age ^^) here the wiki for it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Double_Dragon
  7. it's a bit confusing the way you described the issue... so if i get you right you say you done a NW challenge that would have get you over the 10k/10k mark and into the next rank of it (it could then only been a 7k worth challenge, i guess) - so before you done that, you had 9k/10k, correct? if so, this might happen when you fullfilled a NW challenge while doing missions/bounties from a 'relay' (i also include the ones on venus, earth and deimos too in this) and the 'jump' to the next rank not happen until you get beck to the orbiter (or after one or more missions from where you are). happens also occasionally (or always, i never really cared checking that out) when you start missions from outside, in the open areas, and fullfill a challenge during that time. so, add it up, you next done a 7k worth NW challenge which would have get you to 3k into the next rank but you only stand at 2.5k, correct? this would indeed be strange but not unheard of - i remember the very first week of this Nw-interlude where we had a challenge that only gave us 2.5K standing instead of the usual 4.5k one would have expected for it - but this one was at least correctly stating this amount in the description... so maybe there was a copy/paste error by DE? sure wouldn't supprise me since i see those kind of 'bug' every day ^^) in any case, you should make your description a bit more clear since there are several ways how point would add up to a certain amount (IF they add up correctly too ^^) and also add the 'outline' of the circumstances, like where you did missions from (like i described above, there are several 'starting points' to do this and most of them, beside the 'default' orbiter can have issues including data not being transmitted in time to your account. those issues are usually only temporary and 'fixing' themself when you get back to your ship. or in more technical terms: if you're on your orbiter, then you are the host of this specific 'instance' - in any other case, the dojo, the relay and the cities, the 'host' are DE server and if you start a mission from 'outside' (e.g. in the plains, in one of those huts) the host will be the one who 'started' the original instance (which might be your, or whoever you joined out there). i think there is a periodical data-syncronization in the relay etc... and maybe also to some degree when a player is hosting an instence (meaning again, when running around for hours in the plains and such, doing mission after mission ^^) but i wouldn't count to much on this for i had several 'issues' (mostly because of host-migrations) where i lost all progress on equipment and ofc loot too... DE done something later (i think it was during the orb valis introduction) that at least rewards from missions would be saved if something got fubar in those open areas (which, as you might know happens quite often after a release ^^) sadly, not all information will carry over when that happens and i think DE does not sync anything beside rewards given when the play is outside - and that might very well include your NW points too. and if you then get back into town, you are still not inside your 'own' hosted instance and if DE isn't sync data every minute or less, it might be that you got out of the door again, with a new bounty in hand before they update your account data... it likely will be updated though with the new information you 'brought in', even while you already outside but you might not notice that when looking at the NW status while outside (but then you should see it at least when next visiting the town). anyway, this is how i think DE doing the 'account-managing' for us since it makes it the most "economical vs safe" way (certainly not the best though) to handle this and they sure put in some failsafe over the years to prevent most of the data-loss situations (not all though ^^)
  8. most likely like said above, due to modding elsewhere but the orbiter - but i would like to know if this only was a display bug or if the energy really got down in the gameplay as well... you ever tested this? i think that the values in the arsenal and the 'real' values while playing a mission are calculated seperately but one never can be sure with DE ^^)
  9. i think that after 5 times trying to log into the game with the wrong credentials, you'll get either an account and/or an IP block for some time (24h, maybe - i never tried that out though). don't go around changing your password again and again when you can't log in: if you can log in here into the forum, then there is nothing wrong with it and 'only' the login for the game is either blocked for you (too many wrong tries) or the server has a temporary problem. screwing around with your password won't help with either case and only will make things worse since you can't be sure how the automatic scripts that handle all those changes (and timed blocks) will react because of this... and we all know that DEs scripts just love to make a mess, so just be patient and only ever change your password once if you think it might be compromized. for now, you either try to get a support to look into it (though my bet is that would take days or more to get you an answere) or you just wait out the (possible) time for your game login to be reset for the failed tries. if only the IP got blocked (which is likely), you can try to get a new IP by restarting your router - but keep in mind that this only works if your ISP gives you a dynamic IP. with a static one, you're out of luck (except if you have a good line to the ISP-support and let them give you a new IP on short notice...)
  10. no worries about this 'banned' fear - it's not as long as you don't fully automated your frame (which would quite the technical feat if you do ^^) using autohotkey is not different from any mouse or keyboard that have programable keys/buttons on them - which is about every modern gamer-hardware these days. those also come with ways to put scripts on those buttons/keys, even to the extend of totally re-defining ever key or button on the hardware and assinging functions to it... such things are pretty much default additions and not only would the game hard pressed to actually see such hardware-near fuctions (that would violate a lot of laws, if they actually try this, not to mention the risk in security involved). another thing ofc, though still questionable in certain areas, is the detection of programs that directly interfere with either the game itself or worse, can read and even write into the memory used by the game - a typical example are debuggers that to this because it's their job... but you ever had a debugger still running in the background and starting up warframe, you might know the warning the game gives you about it. a fair warning too, since it's sometimes easy to forget the damn things and ofc since they could be used to manipulate data of the game. so it's nice to get a warning instead of an insta-ban (some games do that too, btw). anyway, programs as autohotkey are ok to use since creating a full-automated entity in warframe (for the sake of farming and such) is far too complicated and also of little use - beyond some stupid afk-leech script (which DE could do a lot more against imo...) oh, and yes, there are seperate keys for rolling and sprinting - i remember that were some of the earliest changes i done to the key-binding in the game since i found them absolutely annoying together (removing 'reload' from the default action was the next thing i did ^^)
  11. interesting... and indeed, i have come across more people (even from my own family) having this kind of problem since then - and with those i knew their network and used hardware (and also ISP) to rule out most of my assumptions. i captured some data between my side and the DE server as well of data between clients and host and compared it to what i have from what i have done in the past and sure enough, they changed quite a bit in the amount of data. i guess, DE done what a lot of us demanded for a long time to prevent loss of rewards and loot due to unstable connections from p2p-networks... and further guess they feared that such issues could arise from such change and thus didn't do it years. point is, most people have no clue whatsoever about their used hardware, network and external services (the ISP in this case) and can't be relied on configuring (and subsequentially 'bug-fixing' a lot of things themself) those parts of the trade that a service provider like DE can't do for them... and ofc, if you get connected to someone with toaster hardware and a network that barely keep together when the user is surfing the internet, it's no wonder you get issues of all kind when being a client there ^^) ofc, DE 'can' do a few things too in that regard (and they done a few too, over the years - or got the knowledge form external sources implemented), so it's a bit of the typical 'two-edged sword' case we see here. idk, if you just unluck with whom you get connected to, or if your choice of region you play on is part of the problem (or the region you're in ofc ^^) but the explanation of DE is sadly correct: there is no real 'standard' about how to build, run and maintain networks beside the required ones to get them 'somewhat' running in the first place - in some places in the world they are more like the kind of ad-hoc netwotks you might remember from the 1990's when being on a big lan-party... and add to that mess, some countries idea of 'information management' for their citizens or what more critical minds would call 'censorship' - this creates a whole new level of mess into already wild-west networks... funny thing i ever thought that 20 years into this millenium such nonsense would be in the past... looks more like it got worse over the years instead... anyway, i guess for now you're best off finding a good vpn service that helps you with any shoddy routing in the internet (since not only your ISP can block certain ports, every other router from other ISPs where the data go through can do this too - and in some parts of the worls, there are far too much 'waystations' involved (and often only for the sake of collecting information or preventing the flow of them instead of 'just' routing them from A to B).
  12. considering that this isn't the first time a bug 'reoccures' in the game, i'd say it will happen again... my guess is that they have don't have a stringent enough regime in the bug-fixing section that records each and every single change with an even longer description, notes of thought and general documentation for all changes done in the software... one of the main reasons i lost interest in coding long ago but sure a way to prevent bugs from reappearing every release or so and also helps new coder on a project tremendously as a source of knowledge but it sure is a dreary way of working, especially for those creative minds who just want to explode (code-wise) with their ideas. coding today is more like accounting if you do it professionally ^^) but just out of (forma) professional interest, i also would like to know what the reason for this bug (and many others too) was - you never know when to learn something usefully this way...
  13. <sigh> have you people never played any other game or used any other 'service' that sends out a verification mail in your live? the 'usual' culprit to missing links or even those mails not arriving at all are filter systems by either your mail provider and/or your own mail client. they are used to 'protect' you from scam-mails tring to lure you on fake site and such, but are more often than not over-zealous in their filtering. so you have to manually put adresses on the white list if you get them regulary filtered out - or, use a different mail adress from another provider who is not using such filters (or let you activate/deactivate them yourself). if you use a mail client, and have no idea how to turn the filter off or white list something, you can still try using the mail providers web interface to access the mail. in any case, i can guarntee you that the system works from DEs side since i recently created 3 accounts incl. 2fa for my relatives and had no problem whatsoever with it.
  14. i get why this might be annoying, but it's not really a bug: some abilities will let your frame stand still while they are casted (embers 4th comes to mind here) and since you stopped the frame (involuntarily but nonetheless) the toggle is turned off again... sure, it could just changed to always being active (which many games have as an option separately to any key-bindings) but i guess then there would be other players complaining about exactly that too... in the end, the best 'option' is using only the 'press-to-sprint' key which worked fine for me for many years, using KB+mouse - might not be for every controller user but those i know also have no problem with it. you could try using autohotkey to circumvent this problem and let a script activate sprint every split-second or so but that might be a problem if you ever want to go slow and maybe also if you aim a weapon.
  15. that is about the silliest assumption of the day (sorry for only the day-award since i get even worse ones than this here). so lets be objective for a moment, shall we? if this really would be on DEs side, there would be tons (and i mean like TONS) of posts about players who suffer from it - just look at the forum when there were actual login problems and mass-DC's due to ddos attacks or server crashes - this would be how it looks like. as for what i make of this problem (keep in mind that i can only guess here since i don't have the information i would need to prove it): if your rig and network really ARE totally fine (and i assume now that you have the basic understanding of making sure of that) and if i further assume that DEs side isn't at fault (assumed because of what i already wrote), then my guess is going toward your ISPs having either some technical problems (the issue will resolve itself in this case soon enough) or that your ISP is blocking through this ports for whatever reasons (maybe some trojan using the same ports and they think it smart to hamper it this way - which is not btw). so what to do about it? well, VPN did work for you - which is btw a pretty good clue to my assumption to the ISP being the culprit here - so do this until the problem stops. or you could contact your ISP and yell at them (well, don't yell, that will get you nowhere - just ask them about any issues or port filter active... they 'could' actually put you on a white-list if they really care). last thing comes to mind is using on of the other port-sets.... i think warframe have 3 sets you can choose from and i think it would be strange if they all are affected... at least not if you aren't in china, that is (or some other 'free' countries that like block their people from parts of the internet...)
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