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  1. i sometimes wonder about how the devs at DE work - they sure use a lot of different ways about prioritizing their 'to-do's' than i do (or other software developers i know)... that goes for bug-fixing as well as QoL implementation (or removal of the contrary ^^) can't say much about how they handle the 'new' stuff for that's more for the general roadmap that they sure have... somehow ^^
  2. well, if it's only an IP-ban, where is the problem? just get a new IP by either restarting your router (dynamic-ip user only) or get in contact with your ISP (static-ip user). though i doubt such a ban would be an "IP" one but rather a timed account ban - until someone from the support looks over it. so you said this happened with a 4ppl team? are the other 3 also baned? faulty bot or not, this would be the logical happenstance then... i'm sure the bot behaviour in warframe leaves much to be desired for (thinking of the infamous kick-bot in open chat, for example) and also the proced
  3. the host left the group at the start of the last part, the migration went without any noticeable problems and was completed shortly after. it was also tagged as complete in the bounty screen at konzu but it failed to be register as a different bounty in the NW overview. the mission was not done another time, so if anyone point to that, save your breath. the only thing out of normal was the host migration and we all know this alone can causes all kind of problems.
  4. well, it's what it was at least... not sure though if it still is since i didn't noticed any 'expected' drop in recent week beside the above mentioned glitch with a newly revived predasite. but anyway, that is the entry from the wiki site about the loyalty: Loyalty (Affection) Loyalty refers to the Kubrow's affection towards the player and affects its combat performance. All Kubrows start out with 100% Loyalty, which provides a +100% bonus to the Kubrow's base attack damage. Loyalty decays by 10% on days the player has not logged in. Loyalty decays by 40% when the Kub
  5. i got this right on the day i 'revived' the predasite and after the maybe 2nd mission with 'it' (?) it went down from 100% to 80% during those two missions... not sure about the 'days out' - i usually loged in every day even when not playing but i when on holydays or business travels, i had occasionally been off for some weeks too without any loyalty drops... or, i had them pet in stasis then, not sure but it's likely because then we had this sill dna-degrading thing too still working which made keeping the pets out a tad dangerous (for them ^^) if being offline for too long can cause the
  6. hahaha.... endless amount of MORE weapons!!! you should get a medal for that one... and get executed right after that for crimes against sanity ^^) i think DE would put in some extra 'RNG-spice' by making it randome what weapon part helminth pukes out - without a forward warning, ofc... but jokes aside, i'm sure it crossed their minds somewhere along the helminth development that it could be used for many other 'modular' things in the game too. so i wouldn't be suprised if we get to seem something like this... but then again, doesn't all wait for 'other things' they should have
  7. and i bet if we get any kind of bullet-sponge for a bossfight, you'll complain about that too... so what's it gona be? the bosses will just kill themself? or shall they hand us their weapon(s) and wait for us to chop off their head? the fight was neither hard nor long and once you got past the 'intro' the invulnerability 'phase' was only an even shorter 'inbetween' the segments... basically even vay hek had longer invul-times in his fight...
  8. beside the last crime scene, or rather the last timed memory-puzzle where one of the 'clues' were showed nearly (or totally so, who knows?) as the same things (and costed me several tries) and one other were it showed NOT the item i found as clues (i tried&errored this one), the whole thing was pretty ok... maybe refrain from so conveniently spawning the damn glass-dudes in the drift just the moment i'm about to capture a hunting target? the end fight was fun -after i found out that you have to pick up the glass-stuff (and not to catch it in-flight... bad idea that was) and where to t
  9. why are you always doing this after i stoped (actively) doing them challenges for weeks. can't you just do a simple calculation about how much standing one gets for the time the season is running and then put the cap-limit accordingly? or just screw the cap limit at all? i mean, what would the real problem with that?
  10. not sure why that's even a problem - i think in all the years i only had a loyalty drop in the pet a couple of times. last time with one of the new one, a predasite, so yes they too have this system working for them. i don't even know it dropped to 80% that time, likely a bug but nevertheless of little concern. mostly, i use the animals (or moa-bots) only with loadouts corresponding to the frame i use (e.g. when using a frame with high armor, health or shield, i use the link mods for them accordingly - else, i either use the 'normal' increas mods or no animal at all but a sentinel...
  11. you were asking about the panthera though... or did you think that the primary weapon cause a consumption of the secondary? anyway... funny thing i just remember: there were a case, years ago, where something like that happen... don't remember which weapon(s) that were though - some that used the same ammo pool and could be used in one loadout.
  12. if i remember correctly, you get about 1 intrinsic point per 20k affinity - depending on what kind of mission(s) you did, it might or might not be "too few". if, for example, you only did the very first (not test-flight) mission, that is about the amount one could expect if you do it quick&dirty - killing the 2 CS's by going onboard, dispatching the crew and then blowing up the reactor might get you some more points than using the forward cannon (takes longer though). the affinity range in railjack missions is infinite, so ever kill, even the ones on ships and stations will be granted
  13. funny though, one uses rifle ammo and the other pistol ammo ^^) idk how you got confused there...
  14. usually if a trade get 'disrupted', the trade offer will still be displayed next time you open the trade station - though, the items or the platinum would still not 'disappear' from either side. since the dojo is nowadays hosted by neither player, there shouldn't be any kind of 'intentional' manipulation being involved either, that could still leave a freak-accident where just in the moment of the trade being conducted, a loss of connection to both sides (!) happen... very unrealistic and even then some fail-safe script would notice this and would return items and platinum back after a sh
  15. and still around this bug. i was certain it had something to do with using his 3rd while still in the danse-mode, but it seems to be just like the OP said, a stagger effect is triggering it... maybe making revenant immune to procs altogether while in 4th. mode would prevent this - if you can't handle seperate procs on him. toug i still wonder about the 'teleport-back-to-crime-scene' effect - this sound awfully like it was once intended to be part of his 4th but got 'director-cutted-out' later with the code still in there to wreak havoc on certain occasions...
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