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  1. hmm, maybe the possibility to 'remove' the glass bits was intended for limbo then - otherwise one would think they would overlook that aspect too ^^)
  2. +1 to that i had this happen quite a few time already, myself as well as my clanmates - we took especially care of checking that we all had relics equipt and also that all of us had tem reactants collected - still happened a few times but without any real pattern i could made out (happened to host clients alike). only thing so far is that is only ever happen to one player at a time, but that might be coincidence since it's a one in twenty occurance in my estimate.
  3. this is more likely due to the players network setting. see about the NAT settings in your router and/or if you correctly forwarded the ports warframe uses (or use upnp if the router allows this... and ofc only then if your admin, if that's not yourself also do ^^) beside this, the use of proxies and/or vpn sometimes interferes with the correct of the data-packets in warframe - which is indeed a weakness of WFs use of p2p-networks... but at least in dojos this shouldn't be an issue since those are now hosted by DEs server and not by the first player who enters like it was in the past. anyway, this things happen as long as i remember and for now, it always turns up being a issue on the user side of the network... well, with some exceptions during some of those ddos attacks which luckily seemed to have ended (or being handled by DE in a better way now).
  4. yeah, i wish DE would stop that crap mail to everyone when only those few people actually can enter... every year the same ѕhit... (at DE: ever heard of 'selective' recipient in a mail-list? can't be too hard when you even have the usernames that are allowed in there)
  5. the only "small gaps" i know of are those where you couldn't get out of anymore even with /unstuck - if DE fixed those damn things, i wouldn't call it a 'nerf'. why in the world would you even want to get in there? or are you referring to something complete different here?
  6. hmm, let me see: "Combat Discipline" is an aura mod that allows allies to heal on kills at the cost of the aura bearer losing health on kills. (quote wiki) - this means your health will get drained and the other team members getting health... where is a health-orb involved in the process? for only then would health conversion trigger. health conversion is only really usefull for a few frames like nekros - well, you could even say especially for him, but some other builds use it too (like for recent protea). i never really tried combat discipline myself for i only see a use if the whole team is using it (it would then heal the team for every kill with 50 hitpoints) and that is a pita to organize even with your friends or clan mates.
  7. had to 'like' this one for having the guts admitting to this little mistake (most people would just keep quite about this ^^)
  8. ah... what kind of fool are you? not only threaten DE with basically a law suit because of what? not being able to trade those relics? really? and you even go from posting the first time to this threat after 14 minutes? on a saturday? are you for real? i bet you have many friends that really like you a lot for your attitude...
  9. i wonder, if this only works when the full map is done in steel path too. else the lich might be in a still locked part... at least on the steel path map ^^) would be fun getting a extra badass lich for steel path only. as for the essences, i think that the 2% are ok - i got 4 so far and only completed 2 planets (that is 4 as drops, not the rewards for finishing a planet).
  10. hmm, the bullet jump always do some damage (e.g. the damn explosive barrels) - i guess it shouldn't happen while in the rift though but for the rest, it's ok. did you test if the 'exploding' glass enemies can damage you in rift-mode? that would point to the whole glass thing being handled different than normal damage.
  11. exactly that - and i'm pretty sure this was even intended by DE (for once ^^) and not a bug turnd into a feature... really fun to use when running the nekros with despoil, equilibrium and health conversion...
  12. i read about such bugs a few times already, always it was because the trading of a lich before (i think, in conection with already having one active and the system didn't tell the player about it). try to search the older posts here in the forum about it, maybe there is some notice about what else you can do, gl.
  13. i didn't had this in the steel path yet, but this is a regulary 'bug' for all those nodes in nodes that contains multiple missions on them - especially those with an active lich-mission, since they often differ from what is normally on that node... since steel path are the same mission types as in normal, this really shouldn't happen - but then, we talking about warframe here where you should expect the unexpected ^^)
  14. hmm, only other thing that i can think of which sometimes bugs out the lich-starting is when you're not the host of the mission (or playing solo). but i also see that you had an active lich already without any 'interface' for it (missed that part the first time ^^) - that sure is a bug and should be handled directly by the support (open a ticket for it here (https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us) for this needs to be done by 'editing' your account. sadly this is likely to take some time and you won't get to finish this NW challenge this week - but you can re-do it in another week after clearing most of that week challenge then (it will appear in the list as such). also, after opening a ticket at the desk, you might want to post the ticket number here, sometimes that can help speeding things up in the support.
  15. well, i just had my first steel path stalker and the bugger droped the war BP again... i'll keep an eye on him since i still have plenty marks from him ^^)
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