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QoL suggestion : Make Syndicate regalia you picked be shown right away in appearance


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Very S#&$ty job of suggestion but I don't have photoshop and just did it with basic paint tool.

That aside, to the point.

Since there is a lot of room in Regalia tab, under Appearances, why not use that space to show which regalia of syndicated you picked?

Right now you need to pick Appearance-Regalia-Front/Back Regalia if you made fashion frame in way that makes it hard to see those Regalia. Which is unnecessary clicks for what should be a really quick and easy check.


Pro of this change : Easier Syndicate-Regalia check.

Con of this change : We lose precious empty space that did nothing.

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Until we get global regalia (rather, unless) this would be a nice little qol feature which should come at pretty low coding effort.

As I've already stated in the original suggestion post over on reddit, the space in this box is even large enough to also put the syndicate's name there in written form. We have a ton of regalia to choose from, and unless one can memorize all the ones they use (I for sure cant) the icon alone might not give away the syndicate easily.

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