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Bubonico has no alt fire.


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Every so often when in missions using Bubonico, alt fire doesn't work. I use alt fire and kill enemies and then at some point its not available anymore. This happens randomly.
After i came back from mission where alt fire on bubonico stopped working,  i went to the simulacrum, used alt fire on Bubonico, then couldnt use alt fire anymore.
I go to PoE and can't alt fire Bubonico. Few seconds later alt fire works ok. I leave PoE through Cetus, return to orbiter, then go to Strata Relay, to Simulacrum, alt fire doesnt work on Bubonico for about a minute, then can use alt fire.
When alt fire stops in mission, it isn't made available again in that mission.
There is no sign that there is anything wrong with my internet connection.
- update: this might be caused by an issue with my mouse (won't know until i can replace mouse).

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