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  1. I installed Filigree Prime Decoration in my orbiter and now its gone. Ember (which came with Filigree Prime Decoration) is in inventory but the decoration has disappeared completely. nvm, i found it. -smh-
  2. Have had same issue > Kill 3 dargyn pilots before they hit the ground. Successfully did this riven challenge last week using Nezha's Devine Spears. Tried to use it today and did kill several pilots before they hit the ground but got no credit for it. When i shot the pilot could see damage numbers so the pilot wasnt dead when he left the dargyn, but was dead by the time he hit the ground. Titania's Spellbind skill no longer works. When used on Dargyn pilots, although they do get suspended from the dargyn. the pilot shoots off into the sky away from the player and disappears. There is no point in making riven quests harder and harder unless only want a minority of players to be able to unveil rivens. For those players that do want more and more difficult content > this can never satisfied. And its not like its easy to get rivens for the weapons we want in the first place (excluding the riven market).
  3. Now that the no-2-in-a-row has been removed, its easier to farm upgrades for kuva weapons (silver lining). We no longer have to farm 2 weapons because couldn't spawn 2 of same kuva weapon in a row. I would rather farm more kuva larvlings (3min) than have to farm double the number liches (3hrs) with weapons i dont want yet.
  4. That is indeed the case. I farmed 80 kuva larvlings and there was no sign of another kuva bramma because that was what the last lich i vanquished, had. Until the no-two-same-kuva-weapons-in-a-row is removed, have to farm for 2 different weapons, not one.
  5. Which is why DE have said they prefer to bring bad (unpopular) weapons up to the standard of the good (popular) rather than nerf what we like to bring it back in line with what we don't like.
  6. If we could use Cautious Shot on Kuva Bramma, would expect the weapon to then be nerfed in some other way, so am happy not shooting my own feet to keep the damage we have now.
  7. A lich doesnt need to be max rank to convert or vanquish. If you are lucky enough to guess the right requiem mods in the correct order when its rank1, can convert lich once you kill it.
  8. I do have riven transmuters. So when we transmute rivens we dont get to determine what their polarity is with transmutation core? So the only way to get desired polarity on transmuted riven is by transmuting 4 rivens that have the desired polarity. That sucks.
  9. Happens to me too. When list riven in dojo trade. game says its equipped, and it isn't.
  10. Have had this issue happen when pet (either kavat or kubrow) is loaded in companion loadout section. When i go to access Companion Loadout, 'Upgrade' tab, in arsenal game tells me 'Selected Item has not been loaded...' If put pet in stasis and take it out of stasis, pet will reappear in orbiter and can then select 'Upgrade' tab in arsenal.
  11. No, two-in-a-row has not been removed, and it needs to be removed. I realised after farming through 75 grineer 20+ missions, that i was never going to get another Kuva Bramma to upgrade my first, until i go farm another weapon first, because of the no-two-same-weapons-in-a-row. Here i was thinking RNGesus was just being a $&*^. Apparently not (lol).
  12. Every time i use Titania's pixie form, she zooms forward at full speed. Its damn hard to get her to stop this action. I have to jam her into a corner and work s+shift over and over and over to get her to stop. She is harder to stop than an archwing. Why do we have to press S+shift to stop forward movement, S is move backward so why not just make it so press S without shift to move backward/stop forward movement?
  13. Had this happen twice so far. Down the kuva larvling and no kuva weapon shows. The first time Lotus changed capture mission to exterminate and when i downed the larvling, no kuva weapon was tagged. Second time mission went as normal but larvling didnt show kuva weapon. Most larvlings show kuva weapon but some don't.
  14. My Kuva Lich despawned without me having taken its health down much. Then no more thralls spawned in mission either.
  15. Same thing just happened to me. Pressed X to use parazon to attempt to kill lich and got rag-dolled (have Primed Sure-Footed equipped), left in heap. Can't rez, can't move, can't complete mission. Can't kill myself. Can't do anything but press esc to abort mission. Guess the planned not-get-insta-death when we attempt to kill lich didn't go as planned.
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