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  1. Entered Void Storm Railjack mission at Earth Proxima, solo. Can move RJ for going straight ahead but am unable to turn railjack more than couple of degrees. Makes mission unplayable. Usually don't have a problem with any part of warframe. Last couple of weeks, when i use RJ, everything was how it should be. I restarted game, verified in launcher but no improvement. When Railjack was new, i was unable to turn, unable to steer the railjack then but i dont remember how that was resolved, unfortunately. it was too long ago. I restarted Warframe from Steam instead of PC, verified files, optimized files, verified again. No change, still can't turn railjack in Voidstorm mission. Again, no change in not being able to steer RJ. I look through in-game options again. I use PC, mouse & keyboard, and if i change Options > Controls > Railjack from Railjack Pilot Centered Crosshair (controller) to Railjack Pilot Centered Crosshair (mouse) instead of (controller), i lose ability to steer Railjack. Its fine when set to: Railjack Pilot Centered Crosshair (controller) on PC when using mouse & keyboard, no controller.
  2. I am also experiencing no acolyte spawn when i solo steel path exterminate missions. And now when i spawn into SP exterminate the timer for how long i have been in mission says about an hour and a half when i have been in mission for couple of minutes - this makes determining when acolyte might spawn, more difficult. Its not right that the Stalker doesn't drop an arcane when defeated as his appearance resets the timer for an acolyte to spawn which often means an acolyte won't spawn. Why, if acolytes are on a spawn timer do we ALSO have to meet the kill-arbitrary-x-amount-of-enemies to get it to spawn, which isn't working all that well. We do SP to farm arcanes so if the acolytes aren't spawning, no real point in it once have completed Steel Path.
  3. When click on Codex to search for mods (Quest > Universe > mods. Only the top half of the list is shown in codex. The bottom half doesn't appear. (Unable to 'insert image from URL, so pasted link instead.) https://ibb.co/StFfbFr
  4. The maneuver for rolling out of Volt speed buff is RMB+S+tap Shift. Works for every warframe except Limbo because tapping Shift is for Limbo to enter and leave the Rift. So, every mission i am using Limbo and I end up with a Volt player in group, am simply going to have to leave the group. Same old problem of when a Volt is present in the random group, of not being able to choose whether or not i have to game with Volt speed buff. Simulator sickness is not something i can un-mod my life for, its a permanent life feature. Would be nice if Titania's Spellbind helminth skill could be used to un-buff a warframe. Then could play with volt and wisp players and never have to suffer remaining buffed.
  5. In the past i have ranked up all the syndicates to max rank. I own everything thats on offer from all 6 of them. Being with Suda, Hexis, Steel Meridian so now need to go back to Loka, Perrin and Red Veil, which is why -2 to -1 with Perrin. I find i now have to pay Sacrifice to rank up Perrin Sequence again, where in the past didn't need to do this again.
  6. I went to top tier in all syndicates. I have paid all of the necessary sacrifices in the past. I have now changed from Arbiters of Hexis back to Perrin Sequence. On ranking up from -2 to -1 was asked for Orokin Reactor as sacrifice payment and took the offering, instead of being able to rank up without paying the sacrifice again. In the past, the game said as i have already made sacrifice in the past i don't have to pay it again (i don't remember it verbatim). Is this a bug now that i have to repay sacrifices i have made in the past or a new added feature of the game?
  7. Every so often when in missions using Bubonico, alt fire doesn't work. I use alt fire and kill enemies and then at some point its not available anymore. This happens randomly. After i came back from mission where alt fire on bubonico stopped working, i went to the simulacrum, used alt fire on Bubonico, then couldnt use alt fire anymore. I go to PoE and can't alt fire Bubonico. Few seconds later alt fire works ok. I leave PoE through Cetus, return to orbiter, then go to Strata Relay, to Simulacrum, alt fire doesnt work on Bubonico for about a minute, then can use alt fire. When alt fire stops in mission, it isn't made available again in that mission. There is no sign that there is anything wrong with my internet connection. - update: this might be caused by an issue with my mouse (won't know until i can replace mouse).
  8. (Don't know if UI is correct tag for this issue or not.) Profile Challenge: Kill It With Fire, Burn 100 Infested Pods remains broken. Get no credit for killing infested pods with heat or fire.
  9. TYPE: [In-Game] DESCRIPTION: [Every time i now load into Warframe, PC crashes] VISUAL: [n/a] REPRODUCTION: [Since April 23rd 2021, after loading into PoE and moving over the map the PC crashes. Update: I verified game in launcher, loaded Warframe, and game crashes now not long after game loads while in orbiter.] EXPECTED RESULT: [To load into PoE same as normal, and continue to play warframe. Expect game to run as it usually does.] OBSERVED RESULT: [I load into PoE, either from the gate to Cetus or from Orbiter and start to move across map in Voidrig and PC crashes. Update: game crashes PC not long after game loads while am in orbiter.] REPRODUCTION RATE: [100%, 7/7] PC: AMD Ryzen 2600 6-core, 16GB RAM, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, 4GB GRAM. I usually run discord on 2nd screen and Black Desert in background on AFK mode, with several browser tabs up. Have cleaned all the dust out of PC case. Now i can't run Warframe when nothing else is loaded. PC crashes.
  10. At present to use own railjack have to pre-make group or go solo.
  11. Hoping the next Hotfix gets rid of cold/magnetic/electrical/whatever proc in Railjack that makes all the writing on the screen unreadable. Can't read mission objectives so have to abort every time, simply because don't know what has to be done to complete the mission. Sorry, no more railjack for me until this is fixed. Its VERY unpleasant trying to use a map that shakes, is hard to navigate. Aggravates simulator sickness. There is a really GOOD REASON I TURN OFF SCREEN SHAKE EFFECT.
  12. TYPE: [In-Game] DESCRIPTION: [Void Storm Railjack missions, when get hit with electrical/magnetic damage on Railjack and even after damage to Railjack is healed, the magnetic proc remains, making it impossible to use L skills, or understand anything thats written, or read icons. Effect follows players onto objective and stays through to end of mission. Then continues into clan dojo dry dock AFTER mission.] VISUAL: [https://ibb.co/Xzz3CQ2] Visual interference continues to follow my warframe to clan dojo AFTER the mission. https://ibb.co/j3dQLNV Interference prevents being able to read mission objective. REPRODUCTION: [100% every time railjack is hit with magnetic/electrical proc.] EXPECTED RESULT: [Once damage to ship is healed, electrical/magnetic proc should cease.”] OBSERVED RESULT: [Observed result is because the magnetic/electrical proc doesnt go away after railjack is healed, i want to abort the mission and not do any more until this issue is resolved. This is a bigger problem when in solo missions.] REPRODUCTION RATE: [100% every time railjack is hit with magnetic/electrical proc.]
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