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  1. TYPE: [In-Game] DESCRIPTION: [Went Cambion Drift, Mother near Necralisk to get iso vault T1 mission. I successfully complete T1 mission. I go to the 2 other Mothers that usually provide the iso vault T2 & T3 and there are no iso vault missions. I restart the isolation vault mission. Complete T1 & T2 and cant find a mother that has T3. I kept looking and a Mother i had already looked at, that didn't have isolation vault, had isolation vault bounty on offer. Trying to find Loid now is like trying to find orokin vault in deimos with dragon keys, except for not wearing dragon keys
  2. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Completed T1 isolation vault from Mother in Necralisk. Returned to Mother in Necralisk and Arcana T1 bounty wasn't available. VISUAL: None REPRODUCTION: 100% EXPECTED RESULT: After completing T1 isolation vault i expect to be able to access T1 arcana vault mission. OBSERVED RESULT: I completed T1 isolation vault and because i had to return to the Necralisk to the same Mother to get T1 arcana vault mission, and it wasn't available, as in none were listed at all, i also lost progress towards T2 isolation vault. I have no idea which Moth
  3. Deimos has isolation vaults and arcana vaults, you mean the new arcana vaults (as there are also juggernauts which can be problem on Cambion Drift).
  4. And this after [DE]Steve said some time back (maybe 2019) in one of the Devstreams that they are no longer going to nerf what's popular but instead bring what's unpopular up to a better standard, and provide balance that way. Apparently not.
  5. I tried to do T1 iso vault then new T1 arcana bounty but wasn't able to access the new bounty. It looks like have to complete T1, T2 & T3 iso vaults before can access new T1 arcana vault. Not going to happen. Update on iso vaults is maybe on par with trying to do Steel Path with all 4 dragon keys equipped.
  6. Rebalanced and Fair are not words can use to describe the update for Deimos Isolation Vault missions. "Rebalanced enemy Voidrig (and the upcoming Bonewidow) Isolation Vault fights for a more fair experience that embraces the precedent set with Kuva Liches: *Enemy Voidrig & Bonewidow Necramechs now have the ‘Lich’ treatment with vulnerability to Status Effects, meaning you can now apply Status Effects to Necramechs! Additionally, certain damage immunities and diminishing returns for Warframe abilities have been added to balance this out." '
  7. The k-drive races in Cambion Drift as so un-fun i won't do them. I enjoyed K-drive races in Orb Vallis. They are lot of fun, but the time limits on the races is unpleasantly tight in Cambion Drift.
  8. Sry, i meant it might be that as there is second Voidrig shown as unranked, its because we now have Bonewidow, and the interface hasn't been undated with right name yet. I took 'Voidrig' to be our Tenno necramechs, as opposed to other (enemy) necramechs.
  9. We now have access to a second Voidrig, Bonewidow.
  10. TYPE: [In-Game] DESCRIPTION: [Isolation vaults] 1. Failed first solo attempt after update, as was unable to kill T3 necramechs. Before the update i soloed several T3 isolation vaults without a problem. 2. Attempted Isolation Vault run with another MR30 player after the update and we were unable to do it then either. Couldn't kill Enemy Necramech's. And the cold proc delivered by the enemy necramech, which slows Warframes & Tenno is overkill. Its like having 2 or 3 Hobbled Dragon Keys equipped at the same time. 3. With doing a 3rd (solo) attempt at Isolation Vault after up
  11. afaik, Nexifera do not need lures or pheromones, they are critters we will simply come across as we move around Cambion Drift. This was mentioned in Home Time #33.
  12. Would appreciate it immensely if DE Twitch streamers would NOT speak too fast on streams. Taylor sometimes speaks so fast she is hard to understand (I used to this too). For the moment I don't remember anyone else, but they might be there, that tends to speak very quickly. Please slow your speech down :)
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