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  1. Steel Path challenge > actually finding other players to do particular Steel Path missions with is a problem.
  2. Solo Steel Path ropalolyst. I shoot its shield down, I get on it, ride it into first tower, when i spawn back on centre platform, mission failed. wtf?!
  3. Eximus are rare spawn on Steel path, and so far none have dropped Steel Essence.
  4. Not sure this is a bug but an intended feature. Finished sabotage mission, and want to farm more thralls or find caches but can't because there is not enough time left on extraction timer. Why do sabotage missions have a countdown to extraction so there is no choice but to extract from mission or fail? On a previous sabotage mission i went looking for caches before concluding mission and mission failed because too much time passed before could finish the mission.
  5. Am lich hunting. Was using shedu, but the kuva larvlings died. Used Basmu, larvlings died. Now they are dying when i use zenurik void dash. The kuva larvlings do not slump and show weapon listed at their heads, or show x prompt for parazon. They just collapse on floor, dead. Larvlings are not supposed to die, they are meant to slump when shot or morally injured, so parazon can be used on them.
  6. Description: I moved Sunpoint Plasma Drill from mod slot it was in to slot#4 replacing the tranq gun, and everything in gear wheel from slot#18 was removed. All conservation lures, the dragon key i need to have equipped for riven challenge were removed from the wheel (I dont remember which slot the sunpoint plasma drill was originally in) Expected Result: deliberately replace one item with another, is the only expected change. Observed result: see description.
  7. Kitgun riven on primary kitgun in arsenal, has one set of values, when riven is placed in mod section for rolling, it shows different values. Game doesn't know if i am rolling kitgun riven for primary or secondary weapon.
  8. Wanted to test different amps for comparison, and found can't change amps while in Simulacrum. Can't access Operator other than to use Operator (by pressing #5) in Simulacrum. To change to using a different amp have to return to Orbiter, thengo to back to Simulacrum.
  9. Wukong's Twin does frequently step in front of the line of fire. Pets might, but sentinels can't. I would rather see self-damage return rather than the Kuva Bramma being nerfed. Self-damage would bring Chroma back to where he belongs. Acceltra with self-damage meant taking care of where i aimed before i pulled the trigger. Self-damage required more skill to play. Returning self-damage would not undervalue the time and effort that's gone into upgrading kuva weapons, and the time, effort, kuva and cost of rivens. Bring back self-damage and get rid of self-stagger.
  10. Previous warframe stream or devstream, i remember it being said by DE that INSTEAD OF NERFING the good weapons, DE would be bringing the less used or favoured weapons up to a better standard instead of nerfing the good weapons we love. I turned the graphics fx down and have no problems seeing the game when bramma is used.
  11. Snap Shot shotgun exilus mod isnt available in warframe builder yet. Didn't see it on the list of things to do. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Snap_Shot
  12. 150% of 1.7 base reload speed on Tonkor. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Tonkor
  13. Ambush Optics exilus mod can't be placed in exilus slot in warframe builder https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Ambush_Optics
  14. Lato Vandal https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Lato_Vandal Hawk Eye is exilus mod, but in Warframe Builder its not, and can't be placed in exilus slot. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Hawk_Eye doesnt have it marked as exilus yet. screenshot of mine https://ibb.co/BwqJ1Cd
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