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  1. (Don't know if UI is correct tag for this issue or not.) Profile Challenge: Kill It With Fire, Burn 100 Infested Pods remains broken. Get no credit for killing infested pods with heat or fire.
  2. TYPE: [In-Game] DESCRIPTION: [Every time i now load into Warframe, PC crashes] VISUAL: [n/a] REPRODUCTION: [Since April 23rd 2021, after loading into PoE and moving over the map the PC crashes. Update: I verified game in launcher, loaded Warframe, and game crashes now not long after game loads while in orbiter.] EXPECTED RESULT: [To load into PoE same as normal, and continue to play warframe. Expect game to run as it usually does.] OBSERVED RESULT: [I load into PoE, either from the gate to Cetus or from Orbiter and start to move across map in Voidrig and PC cra
  3. At present to use own railjack have to pre-make group or go solo.
  4. Hoping the next Hotfix gets rid of cold/magnetic/electrical/whatever proc in Railjack that makes all the writing on the screen unreadable. Can't read mission objectives so have to abort every time, simply because don't know what has to be done to complete the mission. Sorry, no more railjack for me until this is fixed. Its VERY unpleasant trying to use a map that shakes, is hard to navigate. Aggravates simulator sickness. There is a really GOOD REASON I TURN OFF SCREEN SHAKE EFFECT.
  5. TYPE: [In-Game] DESCRIPTION: [Void Storm Railjack missions, when get hit with electrical/magnetic damage on Railjack and even after damage to Railjack is healed, the magnetic proc remains, making it impossible to use L skills, or understand anything thats written, or read icons. Effect follows players onto objective and stays through to end of mission. Then continues into clan dojo dry dock AFTER mission.] VISUAL: [https://ibb.co/Xzz3CQ2] Visual interference continues to follow my warframe to clan dojo AFTER the mission. https://ibb.co/j3dQLNV Interference prevents being able to r
  6. TYPE: [In-Game] DESCRIPTION: Railjack Skirmish, NSU Grid, Veil Proxima - Disable the pulse turbine, Disable the shipkiller platform. Bug where can't enter through door is still there, so had to abort, lost all loot. Wasted 30min hoping to fix it. This bug has been here a long time. VISUAL: https://ibb.co/7VsSFfY https://ibb.co/xjGBKCj REPRODUCTION: [unknown at this time (by me)] EXPECTED RESULT: [Expect the door to open so can continue with mission to completion] OBSERVED RESULT: [But had to abort as can't complete mission because door that is green lit for b
  7. Caches in this are objectives not a cache to find as in usually 'cache' missions. Go to the white marker point of interest, enter the freighlinker, hack the console, done.
  8. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: EVERY time i try to do Volatile Railjack mission, i fail it because the icons that show which pipes to shoot, don't spawn. VISUAL: n/a REPRODUCTION: 100% EXPECTED RESULT: Icons that show which pipes to shoot need to spawn so i know which ones to shoot. OBSERVED RESULT: No icons appear on any pipes after have shot some of the marked ones, so as mission progresses its guaranteed fail from the point no pipes are marked so i know which ones need to be shot. REPRODUCTION RATE: EVERY time i try to do Volatile Railjack mission.
  9. With the change, i don't think players who are asleep when Twitch stream is running can claim loot while leaving stream running in AFK mode.
  10. Why would you want refund or compensation from the ophix venom event? DE had said Lavos and Cedo would be available from another source after the event. There will be more events to get whatever was missed out on in Orphix Venom, same as with Scarlet Sphere event.
  11. Was able to regularly farm 20-30 toroids per 30mins in Profit Taker 2 bounty (with resource booster and smeeta) After this latest ensmallening this is now down to 14 toroids per 30min.
  12. Sortie Hijack mission at Ker, Ceres. Get tram to end point and mission won't end. Host leaves but this doesn't resolve issue. Had to abort mission. Restarted mission and nothing went wrong.
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