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My game keeps crashing at the areas below


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same thing here Tay_TheBoe as well as when i complete all bonuses and get gold it doesn't give u the bonus reward its been more frequently to the point of every time now and being in the middle or when done when i am on my way back to fortuna it freezes it doesn't blue screen if it blue screens then reinstall it on a ur other form of storage like if its in ur system move it to external and vice versa if the opposite is true but for screen freezes with no blue screen then u and me r on the same boat and never gets out of its funk so i have to close app and loose the rewards and the most of the time that it unfreezes its because your in public with others and just now that got thrown out the window because it literally froze me outside of fortuna when i was going in and the other player had already made it through the door and who was waiting for extraction. lost 5 rewards and didn't get the bonus after i finish either the hot fixes fix one but break another i haven't even mentioned a glitch with a dual sword giltch with a skin it says i have it on but it doesn't transfer to the new appearance i don't know if it's the only one though! i just hope that the fix that comes in next takes care of everything if not most and the update on how to only access bait and lures for fishing give me the prompted button R1 to access bait menu but that is my melee button so all i do is swing, swing, swing, no matter what, got bait in my pocket but i can never get it out, can't ever catch rare ones for the nightwave, so start screaming WTF, so it stays there, so it stays there, so it stays there, no fish, no fish, no fish, cause all i want fish, fish, fish,  so i can complete the nightwave weekly so i go ahead and farm for other thing hell yeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaah, hell yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaah, hell yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, so who ever with me put your hand in the air and say hell yeeeaaaah. Lmao i am no song writer and i used the "all i do is win" format hopefully it brings a smile to how ever reads it peace!

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