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Deimos Animal tags don’t register?

(XBOX)soL Phantom

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Dear Devs, 

we just ran Deimos for some common Avichaea. We get the amounts everyone needs and sure enough when we come out. The amounts earned and the amounts that are put into our inventory are different. I gained 12 while out and only have 8 in my inventory. What do you need from me to show what’s going on?

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well.. cheer up, this is still a bug on pc, as it seems

Tried to hunt down the birds that would only be there during Vome. Got a couple common ones and the viswhatever ones. got out at cycle change and in the end of mission screen, there were none of the rare ones. ZERO

checked my inventory to be sure.. and yes, I didn't get any of the 15+ tags that I should have gotten

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