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The Story Of The Abandoned Tenno


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The vent drops. A Nova appears, soon behind her an Ash, followed by a Loki and a Banshee. Their purpose of this mission wasn't clear to the grineer who had not yet seen them, but it will be apparent soon. An operative of the Corpus who worked in Alad V's personal carrier ship has yet to be found, and was last seen near a ship invaded by the dreaded Grineer.


Grineer had always been nasty, deprivated and malnourished creatures. Their aged face is unrealistic to their young age. Very few make it past a few years, whether dying from malfunction equipment (also known as natural causes to them) or killed by the ones they fight against.


Yet the Tenno yet again have to put the rapid beasts to sleep. Nova seemed to inhale and exhale slowly, almost a sign of exhaustion. Her coils on her body have been synchronized to her breath ever since she was a Tenno. She had found the Acrid and Vectis a suitable weapon match for her, and often only used Kogake, a weapon she found lightweight, always at her convenience unlike the swords she had to draw from her side, and she rarely let anything even that close to her.


Ash seemed almost manically happy to drop from the vent. As he stands, he holds his favorite weapon, in hand. It was a blade that produced heat as if it had a steam engine implanted. He used it to not only melt enemies in their armor, but for cauterizing allies who needed the help of a very inexperienced medic. Ash knew his own goal, deep in his own mind, was to brutalize these dogs. His Dual Cleavers which were robbed from his first kill show it. Blood stains marked them and blood red energy came from them. The blade was rusted, but that only made the killing more fun for Ash. Whether or not his blade will get action before a bullet meets the maker is another question.


Banshee was a mark of not only beauty but terror. She was imbued with the power of manipulating sound to kill, and it's always been questioned how much she could do. Grineer seemed to mock her, and aim for her last. Unfortunately for the enemies of Banshee, after they say a single word about the infamous Banshee, they will not be able to make another noise again. Sometimes, from quick death, other times, from being silenced before being terrorized. Banshee does what has to be done. Aside from her hatred towards being cast aside in battle, she is a warrior of steel.


Loki astonished the team on how he was still alive. His big head not only left for an awkward yet somewhat aerodynamic position for moving fast, but a great target for the ranged enemies of his. Nobody could move faster then a bullet, but Loki was the next best thing. Often resorting to almost sarcastic killing of the most random caliber, Loki could be more manical then Ash, but only at times.



The four Tenno drop in from the Vent. Nova turns around, and the plan silently goes into action at a nod. Banshee not only makes a loud thud noise with her Sonic Boom, she forces the door open. Banshee then worked to quickly silence anything past the next room, making sure the noise was only heard for the first couple of patrolling Grineer. Out comes a Scorpion, whose face was mostly metal and legs entirely replaced with steel. She runs into the room, expressing her discomfort in loud odd grunts. Nearby, a Napalm joins the baited room alongside a Shield Lancer.


Time for the plan to go into action. The execution was always the most awkward part, since Loki seemed to play tricks on Ash. Everyone avoids Ash when he goes into his bloodlust, but not Loki. This is part of the team's astonishment at his survival.


Everyone readies up. Nova aims down the sight of her Vectis, aiming at the door lock, forcing them in.


Before she pulls the trigger, Ash teleports down to the Scorpion who seemed to make a face of complete horror, despite having a face full of metal. Ash quickly strikes her ten times, dismembering her before the Napalm could even aim his gun.


Banshee then uses Sound Quake to confuse the two poor Grineer while Loki put his Decoy in place. Dazed and stunned beyond belief, the Napalm launches his shot at the Decoy. A loud thud is heard, and as he screams "TENNO SCUM", he realizes there was nobody there, no body or anything.


Suddenly the Napalm takes a kick to the back of the head. He falls to the ground, and looks up immediately to find where it was. Loki is standing still, facing the wall. The Napalm aimed his gun down, and at that moment, he knew he was going to be honored when he brought in a dead Tenno. He fired, only to feel a strange lack of support from the shield lancer beside him.


Loki switched places with the Shield Lancer, which effectively let the Shield Lancer take the hit of the Napalm rocket. It exploded, and set his shield on fire, and eventually got so hot he had to drop it. He knew his Viper isn't a good shot unless he can rest it on top of his shield, so he got out his trusty Prova, stolen from the very crewman the Tenno are after.


Nova at this rate tries to take down the Napalm. His shields are too high for a bolt weapon, so she conjures up some of her strength and directs a ball into the air. The lights seem to shine from this greater then the sun itself, and then every Tenno hears a distinct noise. The noise of the Vectis, which Nova used to shoot into the ball. All of a sudden the ball of pure antimatter dropped down, and as it started going on course to the Napalm, he dodged. Only to have Ash throw shurikens at him, staggering him towards the ball's path.


The entire room is pitch black, when suddenly every Tenno hears something that means the end of them. The assembly of more Grineer, much more. A secondary generator is cut on, and red lights are flashing.


Lotus had not prepared them for this. Luckily, this was Alpha team. The plan kicks into action.


Banshee uses Sonar to locate the enemies in the midst of the flashing, and show her allies where to aim. Nova uses Null Star, which immediately sends very small distinct orbs towards these points. Nova was a top shot, and always has been. Each star immediately hit every enemies' lit up spot, and they all drop at once.


Ash, in the midst of using Shurikens, was robbed of his kill.


Next, came even more enemies. This time Loki used his secret weapon, a hand made device that deactivates every non Tenno gun. Every enemy, now gathered to beat up Loki with their bare hands.


As Loki dodged and rolled out of the way effortlessly, he started spinning past each enemy, making them hit each other. This only stunned them, but eventually once they were all infuriated at their efforts, they targeted Banshee.


This is where Banshee shines. They had forgotten her for so long that she new the job would be too easy. A nice Sonic Boom gets rid of their momentum in the Grineer's almost synchronized swings. She pulls out her trusty Gorgon, robbed from a Heavy Gunner which committed suicide from being unable to hear anything for so long, and applies her Split Chamber mod.


She starts firing, everywhere. Everything drops almost immediately, including the Grineer Ash was about to kill. This infuriated him, but he could show no emotions.


Then... the room came on. Corpus and Grineer alike had entered the room. Shield Ospreys floated around, giving their allies of the degenerative and robotic kind protection, while Napalms readied their guns and Bombardiers started locking on.


Ash has had enough of it. He watched everyone go down while he hid using a trusty smoke bomb. Once they were unconscious and being secured for dissection, Ash dropped from the ceiling. In his ear, he heard "Our mission has failed, go back to base and salvage what you can of your equipment, leave them, you're outnumbered!" from Lotus. He ignored her, and broke into an outrage.


Someone spotted Ash, and everyone aimed down their sights, but beforehand he teleported away. This time, behind the machine that was holding the Tenno hostage. He cut apart the gas that neutralized them, but didn't release them from bondage. He wanted them to watch.


As the Corpus and Grineer alike saw him, he teleported away. Soon his Dual Cleaver was around a Corpus' Neck, making a quick and brutal chop. The helmet broke the blades, and he instantly robbed the Flux Rifle it was holding.


Ash teleported again, using this Flux Rifle as an extended sword, using all of it's ammo while swinging like a madman. Everything was turning into bits. Not one person, even the Tenno, could keep their eyes fixed on Ash. Grineer and Corpus started shooting at each other attempting to even hit Ash. Their efforts were futile.


Once the Flux Rifle ran out of ammo, Ash threw it, impaling a Grineer Sawmen. Ash stole his Dual Cleavers and instantly started Teleporting again, killing everything in three to five brutal chops, involving decapitation, multiple limbs dismembered, and havoc.

The Tenno had realized everything was dead, but Ash went on, continuing to chop the corpses and even weapons apart brutally. Once he finished, he fell to the ground. The tied Tenno released themselves with their weapons, but only once they were sure Ash was completely exhausted beyond movement. They could escape from the start, but the last Tenno that broke out during a rampage didn't make it.


Lotus says in the monotone voice Tenno have heard a thousand times "Great job. Time to go home!"


As the four Tenno went towards extraction, the extraction ship was shot down, leaving the Tenno out of communication with the Lotus, and stuck with each other.


Untill next time folks.



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The story as a whole was pretty nice...although the end was pretty messed up and I didn't really get it O-o

This is the start of the story.


The Tenno, as walking to extraction as everyone does, is about to leave, until the ship that sends us away is shot down.


Everything else was a prequel, if you will.

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+1 for Banshee 'stealing' Ash's kills.


Also just about everyone else taking them as well, this story is obviously cannon.

I tried my hardest to remain somewhat canon. But as soon as we start talking Molecular Prime on Nova I am going to have to "nerf" her for my story.

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I tried my hardest to remain somewhat canon. But as soon as we start talking Molecular Prime on Nova I am going to have to "nerf" her for my story.

With corrupted mods MP isn't even her most broken ability. Try chaining antimatter Drops with 40 meter range, the damage from each stacks AND with fleeting expertise they cost 12 energy each.

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As requested.


This takes place immediately after the first scenario, please read from there.


Ash immediately falls down, exhausted and overwhelmed with the sudden evacuation ship crashing. Loki Switch Teleports him onto a lab table next to a dead Corpus Crewman, nearby, a Fang lay, bloodied and vandalized by the Corpus. It seems the Corpus killed each other with Tenno weapons to examine their effectiveness. Such brutality for a bit of profit, it was sickening. Even the mad dogs of the infested were not as brutal as to tear each other apart, let alone for money.


Loki starts checking on Ash the best he can, by examining him with a cold hard stare. The tension of those two were always bad, but now it seemed Loki was not playfully terrorizing, he was showing a sign of discontent, and started to stand up straight, a sign of Nobility yet aggressiveness. Since Tenno could not directly communicate, body language was their sign. Normally standing up straight is a sign of peace, resourcefulness, and skill, but Loki was never the same as the rest. Loki standing upright meant more then Ash becoming exhausted.


Loki opened his arsenal, applied his Maglev mod, which seemed to propel him further off the ground due to magnet propulsion. He ran out of the door, and out of sight of the other Tenno.


Banshee and Nova stood guard, camping out while Ash recovered. Loki always went alone, no one ever worried. But he had never gone alone in a situation this dire.


Loki felt the need to cause Chaos. This was not normal chaos of his mischievous efforts, this was for vengeance. Loki started scavenging for weapons while running almost faster then the eye could see. He picked up a Viper, two Fangs used for dissection, (one which was stuck upright in a Crewman's chest), and an Ogris.


Loki then started heading towards the center of the ship. Their original goal was on the outskirts on the underbelly of the ship, where the jail was held for the Capture target. Loki ran up a wall, looked around, blew a hole in the parallel wall 10 meters away with Ogris, and leaped through.


The wall was completely destroyed beyond repair, and this alerted many.


MOAs came running in, and Loki showed the most emotion a Tenno ever could. He waved them on.


MOAs started shooting at him, and one hit his shield. Loki always carried a low shield system, due to his ability to never get hit. The less he had to carry, the faster he could move. Loki took the Ogris and fired it at a pack of MOAs, destroyed them and scattering them around. *click click* The Ogris had only 2 shots left, which wasn't a problem for Loki.


Loki took out his Viper and started shooting 2 bullets in perfect unison towards the center of each MOA, which were starting to surround him.

MOAs with Railguns came in, a darker blue tint, and started all firing their guns at once. A single Crewman had released them, and was started to take cover while he programmed more Ospreys to activate. The Railguns were very distinct sounding, and when Loki saw all of the blue lights almost blinding him, he switched places with the Crewman, granting a painful death. Loki continued to shoot with his Viper, until a bright orange MOA came in. It got it's leg high in the air and stomped, at which point Loki backflipped out of the radius of the shockwave while reloading mid flip. He shot all 14 bullets into the Shockwave MOA, resulting in a sudden explosion from it which then blew up 4 other MOAs around it.


The MOAs continued on, pressing more and more into the chamber. Some tripped over the debris of the wall, which wasn't like them. Someone had to be programming them very quickly to make a more fightable force. Someone is nearby. Once Loki figured that out, he put a plan into action. He threw up a grenade that he modified when he stole it from a Vauban warframe, and a Decoy came out. The Decoy made popping sounds and the MOAs were badly programmed to the point of focusing on gunfire over real threats. The MOAs continued firing at it, over and over, and Loki ran out of the room.


Loki heard a blowtorch and tried to focus the rest of his remaining energy to cloak him. In the distance, he heard a voice "In the name of profit, I commit thee to the void!"



Untill I feel like doing another of these, you'll be stuck with this. Comments, +1's, any real motivation helps me want to write more. Thanks for the read.

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