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Extreme network latency in every session I joined


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  • How can this bug be reproduced?
    • joining any public or private game session
  • What was happening before the issue started?
    • things were fine until July 19th, been getting seconds of delay in every action in the game ever since.
  • What kind of squad were you in? Solo, host, client?
    • it was playable as solo and host but joining as client, excessive lag totally ruined the game
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Just wondering which region you are from? EU/America/?

I'm having a similar issue since last week Thursday,  Open world is a no go/unplayable and missions are laggy, I have tried  public and solo and it didn't make a difference
my ping is between 200ms and 250ms , which it has always been(I'm in South Africa) and Ive never had an issue with open world in the past

Its not my rig as its been running fine in the past and other games not lagging. I even put the graphics from high to low and it didnt help

Also having an issue when Im lagging in open world and I try exit the loading screen freezes and you have to restart as it locks up the whole PC

Any suggestions on trying to improve lag would be appreciated

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Fully agree,

Nothing in my environment has changed but after this last update.  Loading into a mission takes three times as long, if not session crashes.  Game now locks up on joining a mission or exiting.  Taking 5-7min to get in or out of missions.  While in mission extreme lag, I teleport or shoot, flip, move late, and sometimes skate in unwanted directions.  The game at current is completely unplayable.



*Cleaned the Nvidia cache 

*Clean removal/Install of my graphics driver for NVidia  



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