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Mastery Rank 30 Test


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I play all of the content in the game, depending on which frame I use it gets tricky sometimes, but I am fine with that. When I failed this test, two things happened: 

1. Normal enemies drop too less air canister - in numbers: 30 enemies cleared and only 2 drops! Bad luck?
2. If I got knocked off the plattform from enemies spawning in my back the engine respawned me in space - several times in a row - and the counter goes on..... 

The test is really frustrating me. I watched videos on youtube and there are comments about changes done to the test. There said who did it in the earlier days had much better chances to finish it. I am fully aware of it named "true master" test - but it is not skill needed here, it's luck. Time runs down too fast and even when I used Mesa, I was knocked off multiple times so I ran into number "2." as mentioned above. 

Maybe you could have a look at that. I don't want it to be easy, but I don't want it to be frustrating. 



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53 minutes ago, PeekAboo_Prime said:

Normal enemies drop too less air canister

no, they drop enough, barely. you have to keep up the murder pace. I found using Ember and setting everyone on fire works well for this test. she also has very decent protection.

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