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Clicking Linked item doesn't show correct quantity owned.

(XBOX)Tucker D Dawg

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For example if I link [ayatan orta scultpure] then click it, it brings up a full screen window and says I own 52 of them.

however, if I look at my Equipment->Inventory  (or do the same from the mod machine to view ayatan treasures)  I own 192 without stars, and another 19 fully socketed ones.  So its not counting correctly, even if it was only counting empty or only counting fully socketed ones. Nor the difference.

And there are no ayatan sculptures that I own 52 of - the closest would be 49 socketed anasa if rounding down, or 66 Piv.

Unless it is only counting Orta's that I placed as decorations in my orbiter?  There might be 50 or so scattered in my back room. But those don't show in my inventory at all unless i pick them up, and I was doing it from the dojo so...

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update: Went back to orbiter, removed one sculpture from my orbiter decorations and now it shows owned 51 - so when clicking a linked item it is showing how many times are in my orbiter, not my inventory.  

Could cause problems for trading if you tell someone you have X available for trade but it turns out they are decorations placed down not ones you have ready to sell in your inventory.


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