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I have a long list of bugs or flaws that need fixing


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for starters id just like to say the xbox report forums were down when trying to post this the label was grayed out kept reloading the page and it was just not clickable, that being said these are problems on all platforms that have been current for anywhere between a month and 3 years and are all still current problems


-first off, fortuna has a quest where your supposed to kill robots... sometimes robots wont spqwn and you have to reload the bounty

-also on fortuna theres a bounty to kill enemies normally at a pump station, nechromech kills dont count on that bounty

--trick mag doesnt work on alot of guns, point in case the new cyclon is added to that list of guns it doesnt effect

-necromechs and sometimes all gear in fact but always necromechs dont get bonus affinity (xp) on railjack missions, they show it in the mission report screen but its not real, hence why most people dont bother leveling necromechs or of they do then its on cetus (just add necromechs to normal missions so its usable on hydron, or better yet just increase the xp they get because they are kinda slow and useless, very few people at end game use them let alone can use them as they have few good mods)

-hildryns shield gating plus that arcane that nullifies toxin damage  and at least 2 players with energy siphon makes you invincible... still

-holokeys have such a low drop rate in their drop pool that farming the melee tenet weapons takes anywhere between an hour to 16 hours... you can guess which end of the spectrum im on for why im saying this, it genuinly should just be a gurenteed drop at 10 a mission still requiring 40, givin it rakes about 4 to 6 missions to kill a sister this would mean the melee and the rest of the sister weapons took about an equal amount of time, either that or gurentee 60%melee weapon bonuses, but i dont think you'd wanna do that

-all of the statuses aside from viral, magnetic, and radiation are severely underwhelming, nothing needs to be nerfed but the other elements genuinly need buffs

-all sister weapons are underwhelmong, yes you can get them in a third of the time it took to get lich weapons, but they shouldnt have such low dmg values that for example, the envoy is worse then literally any base game grenade launcher with a endgame build, same with the cyclon being worse then a base nukor, not the kuva nukor, the base nukor, speaking of the cyclon, it either needs a massive ammo increase, inf ammo (not recharging ammo), a damage increase, maybe wider spread, pretty much any of those to be usable past level 90 enemies because even at a fully optimized build, its slow to kill lv 120s, its worse then a third of the secondaries in the game

-railjack still has bugs where when loading into rooms on ships you might fall into the void and be out of bounds, going into operator while in that makes it so you cant get back into your warframe, also happens alot more often when in a necromech, basically meaning its promoting playiers to avoid necromechs especially when fighting a sister or lich, thats when irs most common

-railjack load times are still sometimes either instant or insanely long, tested on pc and xbox, can 100% say its the game not the consoles

-lavos+railjack half the abilities can be used infinitely as the abilities cooldown is sometimes how long they last

-mr 30 test is still reall exclusive to certain frames or weapons or builds, yes by mr 30 all players should be able to use exploits, cheap tricks and builds, but the life support should also drain slower and be more common because it has the rate it used to have like 4 or 6 years ago, its not the current rate the rest of the game has, yes a kubrow can exploit around this as can saryn, and octavia, but its dissappointing that things like that need to be used

-sisters have a rare chance to instakill players, not sure if thats intentional but its not very fun when it happens when im playing a maxed out inaros made to be a tank with arcane grace, guardian and adaptation and she just makes me disappear, happens rarely but out of the 7 ive killed its happend 3 seperate times, speaking of, one of those times she destroyed my revanants mesmer skin in one shot

-speaking of mesmer skin, void storm damage goes through mesmer skin, this could be intentional but i doubt it and am just going to assume it does true damage and is unintended

-grendal still has an exploit to instakill anything in the game... so does frosts snowglobes... while true damage makes some abilities funny it really should be fixed

-earlier i mentioned tenet weapons from sisters were underwhelming, let me rephrase btw, its just most of them have drawbacks so bad that in most end game content they are not very usable to be efficient, take the arca plasmor (tenet variant) due to the range nerf all weapons like that got a while back (yea you remember that nerf that wasnt to make bad guns good and instead to make good guns unusable) yea that nerf made making a tenet arca plasmor kinda useless, not completely as its damage is ok at best which better then most of the sister weapons, but you get the idea, the spirex shoots about as slow as a lex and does about as much damage (thats not a good thing), the envoy... the envoys just not good, it needs a radius increase, a damage increase, speed up when not aiming down sights, the tracking is useless, if you wanted tracking make aiming down slow it the sights are being aimed, the ammo is probably the only decent thing about it but even then, its way too lackluster to practiacally use, tenet diplos suffer from the autoaim system, just use them for a while and youll understand what i mean, but basically, if they had a bigger ammo clip, didnt have auto aim function, did just slightly, like we are talking a 50-150 dmg difference, then they would at least be better then the akstillettos, but the autoaim and the ammo capacity just really hold them back

Allright, i hope that list is fairly comprehensive, a few of those are just design flaws or suggestions but most of those are genuine bugs or exploits that have been in the game for a while so i hope it gets noticed

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