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Hired Railjack Crewmembers Mistarget Exposed Radiator


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In Railjack Skirmish missions, hired crewmembers will attempt to fire on radiators exposed by the player but will sometimes get stuck shooting at the wrong area.


Reproduction Steps (25-50% Reproduction rate):

1. Play a Railjack Skirmish Mission.

2. Assign Hired Crewmember to the Pilot role when near a POI.

3. Enter the POI and expose radiator(s).

4. If a radiator takes longer than 20 seconds to be destroyed, exit and observe the behavior of the crewmember-piloted Railjack.

5. The crewmember pilot will often be circling the POI and repeatedly firing at a nondescript point that isn't near the radiator.


I have encountered this bug while playing solo Void Storm Skirmish missions in Saturn Proxima and Veil Proxima. The bug occurs most frequently on the Pulse Turbine POI with this radiator placement (also shown in the video above): 5UEIYRh.jpg

It can occur on any of the other POIs as well (Asteroid Base, Missile Platform, Shipkiller Platform). The bug doesn't happen 100% of the time. I have had the crewmember pilot successfully fire on the pictured radiator.

Oftentimes, returning the to railjack will result in the crewmember fixing their aim and taking out the radiator instantly.

I have also noticed that these POIs can have a non-functional archwing slingshot lock-on point above the entry zone, in the general vicinity of where the crewmember aims at, but am unsure if that is related to the bug or not:


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Here is a crewmember misfiring on a missile platform radiator, but then correcting itself.

I switched to Zetki Glazio on the front turret in this clip (was using Zetki Photor previously). I'm not sure if it corrected naturally, if it was due to me dying and reviving in archwing, if if it was a stray shot from the inaccurate Glazio turret, or due to the catastrophic failure being repaired.

Here is a screenshot of the nonfunctional archwing lock on point:


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After more testing I haven't been able to capture an instance of the crewmember aim bugging out on a Shipkiller Platform POI. I've also been trying different turrets and the problem is more pronounced with the Photor and Pulsar, which are pinpoint accurate hitscan weapons. When firing projectile based turrets, the crew pilot seems to eventually manage to hit the radiator with a stray shot.

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Just a redirection to a bug repport topic - the still live pilot radiator MIS-targeting/AI issue After 31.6.4 hotfix (a manifetation of a very old, recurring/resurfacing bug which was never stably or fully fixed IMO, or which had multiple regressions in the past.)


I know this topic is old but it's allegedly the same old issue.


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