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Kiem | KI | (Added augments)


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Name : Keim

Gender : Male

Description : Keim does not need weapons, nor armor, his punches and kicks are enough for him, and his KI to survive and emerge victorious from any battle.



Hp : 100 --> 300

Shields : 100 --> 300

Energy : 0

KI : 200 

Armor : 150 --> 300

Speed : 1.00



When you don't have a melee equipped, you use punches and kicks to fight.


Attack speed : 1.18

Attack range : 1.85 m

Critical chance : 20%

Status chance : 0%

Critical damage : 2.0x

Damage : 20% enemy max health 

Critical hits deal damage directly to health

Not an exalted weapon


 For each less equipped firearm, KI generation rate increases by 100%.


For each mod slot that does not equip a mod that increases life, shields or armor, they will increase by 0.5 basis points for the average level of the enemies.


You can go completely unarmed on a mission with this warframe.



Kiem can channel and store KI when on the battlefield. KI fuels Kiem's abilities, protects him, and allows him to deliver deadly kicks and punches.


KI passive regeneration speed : 2 ki/s

As the KI reaches its maximum, the following effects will load.

up to 75% damage reduction (0.375% damage reduction/ki point stored)

the speed of movement and the speed of execution of each maneuver increases by 200% (1%/ki point stored)

Kicks and punches will deal additional damage equal to 35% of the enemy's total HP (only works if no melee weapons are equipped) (0.175 /ki point stored)


When KI reaches its maximum, abilities are changed, and Kiem continually regenerates life and shields.

Health regeneration : 3/s +1/100 health

Shield regeneration : 3/s +1/100 shields (cannot be stopped)


Ability 1


Stop and meditate, to regenerate your KI faster. Meditating long enough improves you.


Cooldown : 5 seconds

Duration : as long as you want. Reactivate the ability to stop

KI regeneration speed bonus : +150%

If you meditate for more than 7 seconds 

  1. Damage taken is reduced by 3% for every second, up to a maximum of 75%.

  2. The damage inflicted increases by a number equivalent to 0.4% of the maximum HP of the enemy hit, for every second of meditation, up to a maximum of 20%.

  3. The chance of dodging a hit increases by 0.5% for every second, up to a maximum of 50%.

Buff duration increases by 2 seconds for every second of meditation since buffs start piling up.

When the meditation begins, you get a barrier that protects you, and the meditation will be interrupted if the barrier breaks.

Barrier health : 2.500

Barrier invulnerability time : 2.5 seconds

Activating the ability while the KI is at maximum allows you to immediately start accumulating buffs with double the speed, and the barrier obtained when the meditation starts, will be twice as resistant, and invulnerable for twice as long, and will remain once you decide to voluntarily stop meditation.


Ability 2 (Subsume | Cost : 40 energy)

Releases a KI wave that will lift enemies into the air holding them suspended, making them more vulnerable to damage.


Cost : 40 KI 

Range : 20 meters

Angle of dispersion : 90°

Duration : 20 seconds

Damage vulnerability : +100% damage recived (x2 on critical hit)

Activating the ability while KI is at maximum will quadruple the scatter angle, double the range, and some of the damage taken by you or allies close enough to you will be completely redirected to any enemy hit by the ability.

Damage redirection : 65%

Range : 15 meters



2-1 : When you meditate, using this skill will emit a 360 ° wave of 15 meters which will have the same effect as the 2nd skill, but will regenerate the health points of the barrier you gain while meditating.


Ability 3

Channel your KI to create a multi-effect aura that is good for you and your allies, but bad for your enemies.


Cost : 10 KI/s

Aura radius : 20 meters


  1. For allies
  • + 35% to max shields, armor and hp
  • + 50% to base weapon damage
  • Critical damage will deal bonus damage equal to 15% of the enemy's total HP.
  • Every 5 seconds, the next skill used will be totally free.
  1. For enemies
  • - 25% fire rate
  • -35% movement speed
  • -50% critical and status chance
  • Upon entering the aura, the enemy will lose 15% of his maximum HP, which will be regenerated when he exits the aura. This effect cannot kill, and if 15% of the enemy's maximum HP exceeds its current total HP, it will remain at 1 HP.

If the ability is activated while the KI is at maximum, or if it reaches its maximum while the ability is active, the aura will have its range increased by 5 meters for each ally (you and sentries / companions excluded) inside it, and cost reduced by 12% for each enemy inside it (max 60%), and when an ally takes damage , there is a 30% chance that damage will regenerate life and shields, and when an enemy fires, there is a 45% chance that their weapon will jam for 2 seconds with each bullet fired.



3-1 : If you start meditating while this ability is active, the ability will cost 0 as long as the meditation is active, and the barrier will regenerate 3% of its HP every second for each enemy affected by the aura.


Ability 4

Channel and flow KI all over your body, showing enemies that if someone doesn't have weapons, it doesn't mean they can't exterminate them.


Channel speed : 20 KI/s

On activation, you lose ALL your weapons, but you will get them back when the ability stop.

Duration : 0.5s/KI point channeled


  1. Aura damage
  • Radius : 15 meters
  • Damage : 25/KI point channeled
  1. Enemies killed by the aura drop orbs which turn into a random resource when collected (resource, life sphere, energy, ammo).
  2. 25% base movement speed
  3. 50% jump height
  4. Triple jump
  5. Kicks and punches you use when you don't own a melee have double critical hit chance and damage increased by 50%.
  6. 50% damage reduction

If you start channeling the ability while the KI is at maximum, the channeling speed will be doubled, the effects will increase their power by 50%, and the damage aura will have doubled range.

If the KI reaches its maximum while the ability is active, the duration will be reset to its maximum, and the effects of the abilities will be enhanced as if the ability was charged with the KI to the maximum.



4-1 : If you start meditating while this skill is active, every second spent in meditation will regenerate 1 second of the skill's duration.



Ability 1 (Intense meditation) : When you meditate, enemy projectiles within 15 meters will have 75% reduced flight speed.

Ability 2 (Usefull KI) : Enemies affected by the ability have a 65% chance to drop an orb, which will regenerate 5 KI points if you collect it, or 25 energy to allies (100 shields in Hildryn, -1s cooldown to all abilities for Lavos).

Ability 3 (no name for now) : Killing an enemy within the aura increases its range by 5% for 6 seconds. The effect is detachable up to 10 times, and the stacks decay one at a time, one after the other.

Ability 4 (KIsplosion) : When the ability is active, and your shields are reset, any damage taken up to that point will be released in a huge blast of 35 meters radius, and the effects of the ability will receive a 50% boost for 1 second for each enemy hit by the explosion, or until the shields fully recharge.


Thanks for reading. Tell me what you think in the comments, and don't hesitate to ask questions if you don't understand something.

Have a nice day/afternoon/evening/night :D

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