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WISP Fused Reservoir augment makes all motes red


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Since this issue was not solved in the hotfix that went out just now, I assume DE wasn't made aware of it, so posting it now.
Fused Reservoir, Wisp's 1 augment currently makes all motes the same colour as the red one. Normally, each mote has its own colour on the crown thing and on the outside. However, the Fused Reservoir totem causes all motes to be red on the outside, not matching the crown colour.

SCREENSHOT - Motes cast separately 


SCREENSHOT - Motes cast via Fused Reservoir


Also, if a mote was previously cast separately and then REFRESHED via Fused Reservoir, it will maintain the correct appearance.
Finally, this issue affects all of Wisp's skins in the exact same way, if it helps.

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