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Dargyns will teleport inside kuva fortress

(XBOX)Tucker D Dawg

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TYPE: In game

PLATFORM: XBOX (Posting here because no one at support, forum admin, or community inbox seems to want to move my forum account back to xbox members, so I can't post in the appropriate forum)
DESCRIPTION: Doing Assault (Koro) the Dargyn's will teleport from exterior areas to internal rooms where they will be attempting to fly through halls, clip through walls, etc
VISUAL: Since warframe appears to be bugged and won't capture more than 1 or 2 seconds, I have none.
REPRODUCTION: Do assault, ignore the enemies on the explosive charges section. Once enough Dargyns have spawned and the door opens, proceed inside.
EXPECTED RESULT: Dargyns to only teleport to areas where it makes sense for them to be flying around.
OBSERVED RESULT: They teleported to interior rooms, halls, etc along with all the other ground based ignored enemies as I ran through the map.

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