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Are the Waypoint coming bugged with New War?


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All, without exception, all old tilesets have a confusing waypoint path. Sometimes it marks a totally unnecessary path, sometimes it marks the extraction, which means sometimes 500m, 800m or even more and talking about the messy tileset of the grineers galeons, Sedna, and corpus/ship infested tileset, Europa and Eris; it could mean that you are getting lost, stuck, wasting excessive time on a 2 or 5 minute mission, ranging from (especulation) 8 to 12 minutes.

And particularly about Sedna, Adaro. Enemies tagged 700m behind or more that may cause you to miss the trigger to spawn the Kuva mob.

I thought that on new tilesets, this waypoint would be fixed. Even  Jupiter/Gas City has bad waypoints, Sabotage and all missions, the extraction marker is 700m with no guide path. The marker is exactly in the extraction. I think DE is giving us the freedom to make our own path to extraction.

Right! Give me a drill and I'll be on extraction in no time. 

My luck is that I have a quite few time of gameplay, so sometimes, I know where to go easily, but... As I always say in my threads to the DE Devs, who I love for making this beautiful game: What about the new players? (And believe me, they are complaining about the quality of shadows and ray-tracing, bad skins for fashion frames, particles and useless little things) I'm talking about good health for the game...

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