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Fishing Hot Bar UI not working


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I went to Orb Vallis to complete a nightwave mission to catch 6 rare servofish. i went to a cave to pull out my fishing spear, and i cannot select bait. my hot bar goes as follows

slot 1: ebisu spear

slot 2: another ebisu spear x1

slot 3: luminous dye x9

before anyone responds, i CAN 'hold to swap' each option. first slot looks for other spears (working as intended), second slot is BLANK and doesnt allow anything to be switched out, and third slot looks for dyes (working as intended). 

i have since deleted every other fishing spear i do not use. selecting fish bait in the gear wheel simply says 'this item will be automatically available from the Gear Menu while fishing' but this is simply a lie

if i want to fish on my own, i either pray to the Orokin gods that a rare fish will spawn in any free roam space, or i simply cannot use bait and therefore never get a rare fish solo. theres also squading up with a friend, but thats another layer of BS that doesnt need to happen. DE please look into it

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