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Foundry blueprint bugged out, unable to craft Boltace in Foundry despite having the required items


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I would like to craft Boltace, however, after getting both Boltor and Kronen to maximum rank, I am unable to craft it in the Foundry as the UI tells me that I have "not enough components" and the blueprint entry for Boltace appears to be bugged in the Foundry, showing only "1" instead of "0/1" or "1/1". I have taken screenshots and uploaded them here: https://imgur.com/a/OVpBl7D. It is perhaps worth mentioning that I had Boltor in my inventory for a very long time whereas Kronen was only recently crafted and mastered.

As you can see in the first screenshot, purchasing the blueprint from the market shows both Boltor and Kronen as owned. Selling the blueprint from the inventory and re-purchasing it from the market does not change this behaviour. Restarting the game also does not change this issue.


In the second screenshot, one can see the bugged out entry in the Foundry, showing Boltor as "1" instead of the expected "1/1".


In the last screenshot, one can see my Arsenal, with both Kronen and Boltor equipped, confirming that I own them both. I was able to use both of them in a mission.



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Am 28.8.2021 um 20:04 schrieb parabashka:

Do you have another primary weapon beside Boltor? If not, game won't alllow you to destroy your only primary weapon. So to craft Boltace you first need to craft or buy another primary weapon otherwise you won't be able to craft Boltace.

Thank you, that was indeed the problem!

For this bug report, the message in the Foundry is wrong then, as you do have enough components, but you cannot craft away your last primary weapon.

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