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Deimos infinite bounty ( this is a trap )


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Right it's not a bug it's a trap.

How many hours do i need to play this mission to get something other than an ayatan f***ing star or 250 endo ? just did 2X 3rounds ( or 2x 9 a+b ) and it only drop this 2 rewards .... ( well one of the 2 isn't a reward but let's call it like this for now ).

not the first time i do this mission and already did like 8 or 9 rounds straight out of boredom but this mission seems to only drop common table ( my bad forgot about how shady was this container drop polluting the loot table )  ... so maybe uncommon and rare have like 0,01% chance to drop ... YaY !! your RNG is particularly messed up but Deimos RNG is something like world class messed up.


EDIT: pushed up to round 6 just to be sure and now a happy owner of 16 more ayatan f***ing star ( think i looted some from where they belong ... a container ), on the plus side i had once 500 endo and once 750 with an amazing 2X common mod phew !!! me who was thinking it was all broken, you sure know how to watse your players time [DE]. Anyway there is still something rotten in your RNG and i guess you are totally fine with it because you are too busy making money with overpriced cosmetics to fix your game.

EDIT2: AHAHAH so many wrongs in this bounty that i completely forgot to ask you ( again )  WHY THIS FRIGGIN AMBER AYATAN STAR IS COMMON UNCOMMON AND RARE AT ONCE ? you don't think that your RNG is not already enough BS ?


Have a nice day Mr [Digital GoodEnough]

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