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  1. Good thing those excavators are free, not sure how succesfull a company would be for crafting such fragile devices, technically you only need to save one to enable the exit waypoint after you just survive till the next acolyte if farming arcanes/essences was the plan, but since this game mode is not very popular they probably think it doesn't worth the effort to fix it ASAP <cough> and give us a proper level scaling for excavators in each game mode.
  2. You sound like you don't need them as well. Doing Kuva Fortress when I start to get Amber Ayatan Stars in the Relic drop, I stop doing the mission getting multiple stars in a row makes me sad. Yeah exactly my point they drop enough from containers, never seen the point to add something like this in the Deimos/requiem reward table beside the fact to waste our time grinding, diluting usefull drops with trash items and incidentally take us for hams .
  3. Yeah also having a maxed arcane being displayed in UI the same as a single arcane is a massive WTF ! how are we supposed to make the difference between the single one and the one who is a stack of 21 arcanes since it's also counted as a single one ? Isn't that clear ? you welcome, take a sip of your own medecine
  4. Ouais faites en un K-Drive, comme arme en dessous de 900000% de vitesse d'attaque elle est pas un poil intéressante et même la des animations qui dure 3 jours c'est pas fou non plus.
  5. going from once per sister to once per mission now, don't think the bug happening when the hound cast is the only factor, out of 6 times this happened once while the hound was casting something, but i think it's something who have to do with the shield gating ( unless they don't have any ) that is messing things up
  6. If only the codex was mentioning the fact that Aurax Polarix/Culveri MOA have 99% damaga reduction and are immune to half of frames abiliries .... i mean isn't a codex supposed to be useful ?
  7. Well new sister first murmur hunting mission and once again second hound can't be stabed, looks like it's going to be a long night finishing this sister if it happen every mission now. edit: only happened during first mission for this sister so far.
  8. Just had this no-stab bug hound but was far from first hound after log in. Actually it was during the last mission of sister hunting, first hound show up at start all is fine i kill him, then sister spawn i kill HER hound then stab her with the 3 right murmur and she escape, then second regular hound pop and this one get down but i can't finish him ( if i remember well he spawned quite rapidly after she escaped, like in less than 30 sec after if it matter ), i let him there to finish mission, third hound show up and i was able to kill this one, didn't bothered to go back and check if i could finish the second tho but his way point / label ( whatever it's called ) was still visible on screen.
  9. Any plan on fixing the melee attackers animation on Gara's 3 and 4 at all ?
  10. IF we could equip it in the Kdrive slot that would be nice but as a weapon combo i'm not sure it's a good idea since anyway you can't control direction. EDT: nvm just took it out of the foundry for a little spin and you can control direction thought you could only go straight ahead, ( you know how they love the forced forward move ), but still a continuous riding would make more sense as a k drive than as a weapon since Yareli introduced us to Indoor Kdriving madness just make a set of K drive attack for the ghoulsaw .... or don't i don't care, this weapon is only here for the lol anyway.
  11. A skin for the bonewidow shield pairing with the Karnolyth Necramech Skin wouldn't hurt tho.
  12. Nice try [DE] nice try, gathering dust frame it is then. Just give us a less ugly lavos skin please.
  13. Wish we could get rid off the fangs on each side of the bottom back cape ( or whatever you call that ) of new revenant skin, might look OKish when you look from front but looks perfectly stupid from back, They need to have different physics or be sculpted separately from the rest of the "cape" this simple detail is ruining the entire skin ( well, only for me obviously ) who looks fabulous otherwise. Be Well
  14. Just wondering why does the endo i loot from corpus ( spy mission from veil proxima, but it happens regardless of mission ) during mission vanish on the end of mission, like looting 60 endo and getting 2X600 endo in bonus reward but in final screen only the 1200 are awarded not 1260 as it should right ?. I know 1200 is fine plus i get a tons from railjack parts recycling so what's 60 endo that vanish right ? well, they vanish, that's the problem. Have a nice day [Digital GoodEnough]
  15. Well, this is magnetize who reflect the damages of your kuva bramma on you not directly the kuva bramma doing self damage, so either you wait for magnetize to fade and avoid one shoting you or you void dash away from the bubble ( which is annoyingly hard to visualize, maybe a problem with my settings ) and void blast him till magnetize fade.
  16. Right it's not a bug it's a trap. How many hours do i need to play this mission to get something other than an ayatan f***ing star or 250 endo ? just did 2X 3rounds ( or 2x 9 a+b ) and it only drop this 2 rewards .... ( well one of the 2 isn't a reward but let's call it like this for now ). not the first time i do this mission and already did like 8 or 9 rounds straight out of boredom but this mission seems to only drop common table ( my bad forgot about how shady was this container drop polluting the loot table ) ... so maybe uncommon and rare have like 0,01% chance to drop ... YaY !! your RNG is particularly messed up but Deimos RNG is something like world class messed up. EDIT: pushed up to round 6 just to be sure and now a happy owner of 16 more ayatan f***ing star ( think i looted some from where they belong ... a container ), on the plus side i had once 500 endo and once 750 with an amazing 2X common mod phew !!! me who was thinking it was all broken, you sure know how to watse your players time [DE]. Anyway there is still something rotten in your RNG and i guess you are totally fine with it because you are too busy making money with overpriced cosmetics to fix your game. EDIT2: AHAHAH so many wrongs in this bounty that i completely forgot to ask you ( again ) WHY THIS FRIGGIN AMBER AYATAN STAR IS COMMON UNCOMMON AND RARE AT ONCE ? you don't think that your RNG is not already enough BS ? Have a nice day Mr [Digital GoodEnough]
  17. Codex should be aviable from esc menu not from orbiter only, could greatly help a "new player" ( well not that new since you need to fill it up with scans ) but i remember early in the game being excessively annoyed by not being able to look up something in the codex during missions, we got teleportation, space travel and we can't have acces to the codex outside the orbiter ??? ( even if it has to be a VERY cheap craftable consumable ). also more detailed information would be great for everything in the codex, for weapons ( when they have innate capacity ) stances ( force proc ) ETC ETC Codex should be the wiki not the other way around, even if it's overwhelming at start it's still crucial info. Also showing what ressources planets have to offer should be displayed in full screen not hidden down there under some icons. Something i would also like to see ( since having a different icon for each type of mission seems too complicated ) is the possibility to look up mission by type, like a drop down menu on the full map screen where i can select mission type and have them poping on planets so i can just click the mission i want on the aviable planets ( and greyed out if not yet accessible )
  18. Probably once everyone has farmed and maxed all weapons
  19. So where to start ... 1) melee classes still doing a funky dance around an axe at the wall collision point, already painfull to shoot moving targets but this make it painful² 2) depending on lighting, wall become excessively opaque and can barelly see something on other side, although i haven't tested without any colors but seems more due to how wall handle light reflection than color issue. 3) due to ( see 1 ) some sneaky dudes can manage to pass through mass vitrification wall somehow. 4) vitrificated goons keep firing their guns ( no it wasn't automatic fire mode, at least it would make sense this way ). when they were already firing when vitrification happened, i'm aware that hardening take a little time to get complete but animation was ended for like 2/3 sec and 3 times some dudes were still shooting ( over 10 min of hydron defence mission ). be well.
  20. Could we please have a proper life/shield scaling on the excavator in Steel path ? because right now they drop faster than panties during spring break, thanks.
  21. Carmelitha

    WHY ?

    Ahhh ok yes, silly me, make sense if grineer and corpus are syndicate too, never occured to me they could be, no matter which syndicate you are in both faction are hostile to them. But i guess if they play to who got the bigger body count between them yes as long i wear a Sigil some will cry a river and dislike the Tenno homicidal maniac way of life when not on their behalf ...
  22. Carmelitha

    WHY ?

    Just noticed something and wondering : why do i loose standing with one syndicate when doing regular mission ( not syndicate mission ) if my standing with the other two is maxed and don't gain any standings ?, it would be logical to not loose standing with one as long as i don't gain any with the 2 others ... not a big deal tho, just curious 🤨.
  23. they make content grindy AF and then punish us for grinding the game in an efficient way i guess. hehe kiding, they just find cracks in their cielings and want us to grind the way they want us to grind not by exploiting bad game mechanics/design.
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