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XORIS is not in my inventory anymore , i didnt sell it!!


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  i logged in my account on sep,5th 2021 11am-ist and as i check my inventory i couldn't find [xoris] and i am pretty sure i didn't see that weapon 

 is there any way i could get that back or is it  a bug 

please fix it thats the only melee weapon i see in my mastery 5 

 i have protea and complete the quest to get it and from mastery 3 to 4 i used that weapon and when i got to mastery 5 on 5th sep and after logging out and logging back in on sep-5th 11am-ist i couldnt find it  

pls comply if there is a way i can prove it 



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to give more information and can't find PC option on tag so kept UI
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