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Giving help or breach of ToS



I came across this guy in the recruiting chat giving players carry for the nightwave challenge complete six perfect capture in orb vallis in exchange for platinum or six filled ayatans. Is this not a breach of ToS or this is allowed ?

Here is the link to the snapshot of the guy posting -

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"Q: Can I trade for items or services not listed in the Trade interface?

No, trading is restricted to what is listed in the trading UI. Players trading for items or services not listed in the trading interface face removal of trading privilege, account suspension, or permanent banning."


Trading items / platinum for the promise of runs or completing challenges for people are not supported trades and may be subject to sanctions.


Removed name and shame.

Please do not name and shame anyone on the forums, no matter what they may have done.

If you want to report a tenno's conduct to DE, then please use a support ticket.

Support: http://support.warframe.com/

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