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Warframe config breaking Helminth bug - aura mod forced into normal mod slot


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I've submitted a support ticket for this so I'll just copy here what I wrote there, but this is more than just a "me" problem, this is something anyone can do that can completely break one of your Warframe mod config slots.

One of my Loki Prime loadouts is broken, an aura mod is somehow in one of the regular mod slots and cannot be removed. It was caused by copying a loadout that included an augment onto a loadout slot that helminthed off that ability.

Context: Loki Prime, max rank, with Orokin Reactor.
Loadout one: Irradiating Disarm with Golden Instinct helminthed on the 3 ability.
Loadout two: Shiruken helminthed on the 4 ability.

Sequence of Events:
Link config one (with Irradiating Disarm mod) in chat, open chat link, click apply mods, select loadout 2 (with no Disarm ability), type confirm. Loadout 2 is now broken.



1. See above image with Shiruken in place of Disarm. The aura mod Shepherd is where Irradiating Disarm was. I am guessing this was caused by the fact that Disarm was helminthed off this particular loadout. There is also no aura mod in the aura slot. I don't know why it replaced the augment with an aura mod and not a regular mod, but that seems to be what has broken the loadout slot.



2. See above image. I am completely locked out of changing loadout 2. When I switch to the loadout from loadout 1 or 3, and any time I try to remove the aura mod or any other mod, I get an error saying "Aura Mod can only be placed in Aura slot." I cannot right click mods off the loadout, I cannot drag and drop, swap with mods in the dock below, add an aura mod, nothing. Any action brings up that error message.

I can change to loadout 1 and loadout 3 no problem, but any time I switch to loadout 2, I get the error message and cannot change it. I've tried restarting the game, no change.

Potential idea for a fix: Helminth off Shiruken from loadout 2 and then copy loadout 1 back into loadout 2, hopefully replacing the aura mod in the normal mod slot. I don't want to do that though until opening a dialogue with support in case it breaks things worse.

Thanks for the help!

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I don't know if I should post another thread, but I just got the same bug moving my build around on my Xaku. Config B has Pull subsumed on it with the Greedy Pull mod. When I switched it around with with Config C, I got an Aura Mod stuck in the Loadout. The usual ways of moving mods didnt work to remove my Growing Power that got stuck, however I did find a way to remove the Aura Mod by linking and applying an almost blank loadout from a different warframe.


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