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Necramech Affinity


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After leveling up my Necramech, I used a forma on it of which allowed me to continue to level it up to a point... Once the mech reached level 32, it no longer gains anymore affinity resulting in a mech that cannot be maxed.

At first I thought it may have been the mission that stopped it from leveling (was running Plague Star a lot), however after moving to Deimos I still receive no affinity. 

I have read a few posts about this issue with varying difference such as the level that the mech stops gaining affinity and the use of forma.

I generally am more curious if there are others experiencing this problem as it could potentially result in a super useless necramech. 

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You're definitely right.. I guess it strikes me as odd that when you first level the mech all the way it goes to 40 but after you forma it, the level only goes 30 + (2 × number of forma). 

-At least it going to 40 is what I think I remember.. it has been a few weeks since I first got it. 

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