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Ghoul Saw: Hold to Rev


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I've seen a lot of complaints about the rev mechanics and ride mechanics of the Ghoul Saw.   The Forward + E combo (revving the saw in front of you) has some major issues.  Compared to the other attacks of the saw, it's very fast.  Since the saw itself is otherwise very slow, players are inclined to mod for high attack speed to compensate.  This results in having to spam E very very fast to maintain the attack on a typical build.  It's also very hard to hit with in those short bursts.

Please let us do the following:

-Hold E on this combo to keep revving the saw while you walk around.

-Hold E on the saw ride to keep riding, and then slam once released (this would also let people hop off earlier, if they don't want to fly past an enemy and have to circle around).

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I agree and think the forward combo of the Ghoul Saw is very wonky. You guys might want to consider implementing an actual useful combo here. As for the Combo where you ride the saw, just turn it into hold the button down and ride for as long as you want, removing the finishing slam as it seems useless. I think this would be a good start to making this weapon fun for everyone. Please make it happen we waited a long time for it. 

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As you said and as I noted here:

it would be nice to prolong those 2 combos. I would prefer instead of holding button just:

- forward combo: forward + melee attack initiate combo, you don't have to hold any key; make it infinite or at least very long combo (e.g. 20-30 seconds); we can cancel it via rolls and probably other ways so it's not big problem

- forward + block combo: same as above, forward + block + melee attack initiate combo, you don't have to hold any key to ride the Saw; you ride it till you cancel it (e.g. roll) or melee attack (it will execute the slam attack the current combo).


However if they make "hold melee to continuously attack" then it could be an option. Some people wanted it.

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