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So I've been playing with the ghoulsaw a bit and figured out you can cancel out of all of it's combos with a roll and follow up with another.

And then I remembered DMC's weapon combos. So I come with a suggestion - add some additional combos to chain with our current ones! The longer the chain, the more valuable the next move in a combo is.
Using the Ghoulsaw as an example, you can start a Rip'n'Ride combo with (W+RMB)+E, but then follow up with S+E when you are just about to hit an enemy, letting yourself launch up an enemy like a ramp, and then you can use a Camera Down-MMB (Heavy Slam) to dig the ghoulsaw into the ground as it spins and hits anything that gets close!

Here's what I imagine what some of the weapon archetypes would be in Warframe.

Swords - Starting from simple quick slashes and dashes to large sweeping combos with average speed. Greatswords would be slower but have more hits and more range.
Nikanas - Extremely quick and precise slices at a slower rate, but requires perfect timing to get to the final combos, but the reward offers immediate slices so strong, it can split an enemy in half in one combo. The final combos would tend to be a quick series of attacks unlike the first few. Two-Handed Nikanas would still be quick slashes, but with lots of interval between the moves.
Hammers - The Hammers would offer the slowest combos in general, but they would also have maximum AoE and damage potential. The cost of doing the final combos is that all of them are heavy attacks, meaning they have to charge. But these always have massive area of effect and damage.
Fists - The Fast. These have the fastest combos in general, but at least one of them is a charge attack. These would have the gameplay of suppressing the enemy with small hits before finishing them off with a bang!
Glaives - Melee's Chainguns. The combos get progressively faster and get more hits the more you chain them, but once you stop comboing, you throw the glaive for a time proportional to the length of the combo. Once you use your Glaive's combo to the fullest, prepare to use your guns to finish off enemies that are still left alive!
Staffs - Mobile combos. These would have the combos that reposition you a lot, and they would be fast with Sword interval. You are always on the move. The final combos would be spinning moves or the like, a longer combo unlike the rest.

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