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Ghoulsaw needs some buffs, I have suggestions


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1) The damage will now be divided between 5 hits. This thing doesn't even function like a saw, but with this change it will now do.

2) More attack speed, between 10~20% is enough. 

3) Transfer all puncture damage to slash damage, there is no logic behind a saw (with no edges) being able to puncture things.

4) The foward combo (rev) will now be activated by holding block. Assault saws can block and shred enemies at the same time, a very cool niche for them. The neutral combo will replace the foward combo, the new neutral combo could be anything tbh.

That would already make it usable, with the change N°2 it would become faster. With changes N°1 and 3 it would apply much more status procs, specially slash procs (exactly what we want from a saw).


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