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Converted Sister of Parvos dissapearing after mission completed and not in converted adversaries


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  • 2 weeks later...

Just converted my first sister last night... chose convert during the showdown...  got my ephemera as end of mission reward...... got a really cool legal sounding email from my Lich saying she is now loyal to me lol and saying I had got the ephemera....  

Tried to sell her right away and some noob tried to buy her even tho he had a Lich...    but I didnt know that till the end...    we went to the crimson branch and I didnt know what to search for so I put in "Lich" like I did for kuva lichs...  it worked.... She was listed with all my kuva lichs..  

So not sure where your problem lies....  It sounds like you were just using normal trading post to do trade.....  Both parties have to be in your crimson branch room otherwise Lich do not appear as a tradable item.....  A really stupid inconvenient thing... but a thing you have to follow...

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