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Syndicate Sigil disappears after selecting in arsenal/appearance


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On 2022-05-12 at 8:29 PM, [DE]Marcus said:

Hey everyone, thank you so much for the reports! 

This is an issue related to Conclave loadouts being read out as PVE loadouts, as Conclave loadouts can't equip Syndicate sigils - hence why they un-equip after leaving the Arsenal. We are working on a fix for this, it's proving to be slightly elusive but it is firmly on our radar. 

The temporary workaround is to set your Conclave loadout to a Frame configuration that you aren't currently using for PVE content, this will allow you to wear your Syndicate sigils without issue. This issue also affects the Ash Shroud Helmet, the same workaround applies and the eventual fix here should also fix that issue.

Thanks for your patience! 

Tangentially related: speaking of Conclave, you've joined the Conclave community Discord quite some time ago (almost two years), but have never actually tried to get past the #gateway channel.

All it really takes is single bot command to get yourself a platform role assigned. It's mostly just a formality.

Why not join it and maybe we can have a chat on the state of things and get some look into the perspectives of people who are (also) interested in playing Conclave?

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