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Ignis Wraith not working with Xata's Whisper?


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I guarantee that its working...

The thing is, the trajectory of the beam (because it is, even if its visuals are that of flaming fire) curves towards the enemy target because it gets attracted to the target affected by that status effect... But the beam doesn't just stop there or bondage the target, the rest that punches through the bubble will return to its initial intended trajectory...


... Its actually a very funny effect when you activate that status effect on a group of 50 enemies...

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My issue is that I used to play with the Bing Chilling Method developed by Dystopia and revamped for Chroma by AznasionsPlays. Ignis Wraith worked just like in their videos until recently. I ask that you try the Xata Whisper - Elemental Ward (Cold) on either Xaku or Chroma while wielding Ignis (Wraith) and let me know. As far as I can tell through Simulacrum testing, it's still messed up compared to before - as if most damage is being blocked.

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