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Sortie - Survival Terrorem (Deimos) Door issues


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Doing this Sortie today and actually had to do it twice because it crashed the first time. So I noticed that doors were not performing properly. There was for example, a door with a focus pip or whatever you call it behind it. I clearly saw the door was open, with Infested in the door way. I killed the infested and the door would not open - as if it only responded to the NPCs. I saw other doors, as I was going through the mission, open and closing - but would not open when I attempted to pass through. The last doors that wouldn't open was a T intersection, one of the pathways led to extraction. my 3 squad mates made it there, but I was stuck and again the door would not open. I had to just fight it out with about 15 - 20 level 80 infested until time ran out.

Oh and a side note - fighting 15-20 constantly res-pawning Infested (or any faction) at level 80, sucking up my energy and bouncing me around like a ping pong ball. What really helps? AN AOE WEAPON! I was Rhino and they were instantly popping his Iron Skin off as fast as I could put it back on. I cant imaging sitting there head shotting or shooting them one by one, no way. Thanks for listening.

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