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Camera Static Anchor after Veilbreaker


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Just finished Veilbreaker main quest and got dropped at drifter camp (I normally use the still flying orbiter, so that may have added to this)
Once out of the mission I walked around a bit, couldn't find my Hemlinth Charger, and decided to recall her to the incubator.  Using the incubator didn't recall her, and locked the camera static like I was in the menu but I wasn't, being able to walk around with a fixed camera angle.
Fast traveling to navigation saw the camera anchor to the set camera angle on the navigation menu with the ability to move still.  After which I boarded my railjack, which saw the camera stay anchored on the navigation console while I'm in the railjack.  Hitting escape cause a good five to seven second delay as the camera has to pan from the orbiter to the railjack, through a skybox

Relogging in put me in the still flying orbiter.  This appears non replicatable due it being attached to finishing veilbreaker and not the drifter camp in general

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