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Emergence Dissipate motes do not share energy with Warframe when picked up by Operator, despite the new QoL changes


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Update 32 states "Operator Energy pickups will now be shared with Warframe.", which does work with Energy Orbs, but does not work with motes generated by the arcane "Emergence Dissipate".


Another odd behavior that reveals more interactions can be recreated as follows:

  1. spawn a (disabled-AI) clump of enemies in the Simulacrum.
  2. Empty your warframe's energy reserves, make note of how much energy you have.
  3. Leave your warframe further away, go into operator
  4. Approach the group with operator in melee range
  5. Spam Emergence Dissipate every few seconds a couple of times to spawn a noticeable amount of motes (You will notice they are not vacuumed in, which was the case before. Weird, would be good for vacuum to work if energy share is fixed, otherwise it is better like this so only the frame can vacuum motes up for more consistent use)
  6. Press 5 to return to your warframe in the middle of these motes.

Result: motes will suddenly be vacuumed in to your warframe. After observing the bottom text (resource popup) that will state how much energy you should receive, and comparing with your actual energy increase, you will consistently find that the energy increase is less than written. This suspectedly could be caused by some motes being absorbed solely by the operator a few frames while the vacuum is enabled already but the shift from operator to warframe hasn't occured. This would not matter if the initial bug of sharing energy would be fixed.

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The vacuum bug has been fixed. Undocumented change: Vacuum is not eanabled until the transference to warframe is fully completed (Update 32.3 - Citrine's Last Wish).

Thank you DE.

Edited by Rood_
The main bug of the topic has not been fixed, however, another mentioned bug has been fixed.
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