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Operator /Drifter Suit Energy Colours Not Working, Apostasy Prologue Interactable Constantly Visible, Warframe Articulas Having Styanax's Shield On Their Hands


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As the title states, I am experiencing several bugs. The first one being that my Operator Suit Energy and Secondary Suit Energy colours aren't working properly. I have the Protovyre Apex Ephemera on my Operator and my Warframe but on my Operator it will only show the default colours, no matter what colour I change it to and all of the "Energy" sections of my Operator and my Drifter won't change either. The next bug I'm experiencing is that the Quest Interactable for the Apostasy Prologue is constantly on its spot in my Orbiter's Personal Quarters, but it doesn't show any interact button. Finally the last bug I'm experiencing is that my Warframe Articulas have Styanax's shield on their hands, I'm pretty sure I know the cause of this one. It started after I made a Styanax Articula, and then it goes away when I change Styanax to a different Warframe.

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