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Styanax's 3 (Rally Point) can be overriden by other Styanax's players in the squad with lower Strength, Duration or both.


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When we play Styanax, his 3rd ability (Rally Point) can be overriden by a Styanax teammate with a lower stats Rally Point. As an example, if you have a 100 Shield / 60s duration ability and a Styanax teammate with a 50 Shield / 30s duration ability cast his ability while you're in his range, your long duration / high strength cast will be overriden by his lower duration / low strength cast, effectively nerfing you. In a worst case scenario it can lead to a "casting war", with a lower strength/duration Styanax player constantly recasting his ability and "nerfing" a higher strength/duration Styanax. Seen it happen in a Defense mission when the lower level Styanax didn't pay attention to the chat.

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