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Mod UI QoL Suggestion


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Hi.  Not quite sure if this is the right subforum.  Hope so.

I have a suggestion for a mod UI QoL change that my friends and I have wanted for years.

What happens every time you polarize something?  Your mods are unequipped!  Well, except for those prestigious few whose mastery rank has touched the clouds.  You guys can ignore this.  For us common folk, most our mods are unequipped, which leads to a common annoyance: trying to remember exactly what your build was once you rank up again.  I know this sounds like a silly thing to whine about, but it really can be a pain.  Unless you have an eidetic memory, it's really easy to forget what you had on there, which leads to kind of hunting around again and trying to rebuild your loadout from scratch.  I've actually screenshotted my loadouts before polarizing many times to avoid this problem.

My suggestion?  Allow equipping of mods at any time in an inactivated/greyed-out state.  Basically, you can equip any mod at any time, but if you don't have the capacity, then it just stays in an inactivated state.  Once you have the capacity, you simply click an icon in the corner or something, and poof--it lights up and activates.  There would also be a toggle to see what the stats of your current build are vs what the stats will be when all mods are activated.  With this system, you'd be able to play around with a new, unranked piece of equipment and put any mods you want on it in the inactive state, you could see exactly what the finished build will be, and then when you're happy you can simply leave it alone and the mods will stay put, and then you can simply turn them on as you gain enough capacity.  It might also be cool if inactive mods could auto-activate in-mission as you rank up, but I could also live without that.  So, when you polarize, your build stays put and just become inactive.  Nothing moves, and you can just reactivate the mods as you rank up.  As I see it, this is a pretty minor change with no downside, and it would greatly increase QoL.

Anyway, it's just a thought.  Y'all have a good day.

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