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Why can't I put Gladiator Rush on Exalted Weapons?



I noticed while modding Titania's Diwata that I could not put Gladiator Rush (+6s Combo Duration) on it, but I could the other two Gladiator Mods, as well as Drifting Contact (+10s Combo Duration, +40% Status Chance).  I found other Exalted Weapons had the same limitation.  What gives? 🤔

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I don't think it was ever fully explained, but there's a handful of mods that you can't throw on exalted weapons, including all mods affecting the melee combo counter (except for Drifting Contact), the so-called Acolyte Mods and any of the Amalgam Mods.

Gladiator Rush doesn't work because of the combo duration.

As an added weirdness bonus, the Gladiator Set effect works with Exalted Weapons, but won't count Gladiator Mods that are actually modded onto the Exalted Weapons themselves

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