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  1. The Golem is a super easy boss tho. I managed to beat him first try with severely underleveled and undermodded Archwing gear because when I did the quest for the first time I didn't know it would feature an Archwing boss. The issue is mostly that there isn't any real endgame archwing content (unless we include emyprean missions but you can do those without using your Archwing for anything else than traversal) because the Golem is in a good spot to where you'd really start upgrading your Archwing gear. Besides, I'm not advocating for him to be the exclusive source of those mods, just a decently good one for people who are looking to improve their archwing setup or want to get mods for their archguns (which are after all also used by Necramechs and as heavy weapons by Warframes, both of which are endgame features you will likely only get into after unlocking and facing down the Jordas Golem) as a deliberate farming effort. You've only provided a reason as to why those mods should generally available from someone else than the Golem, which they are already, but none in regards to why the Golem should drop a selection of regular mods, most of which you are essentially guaranteed to have acquired long before you even got to Eris. Even if you do not think the Golem should be the main source for getting Archwing mods, that's no reason why Archwing content shouldn't grant Archwing rewards. The issue with Eidolons is that you kind of need the good stuff to get into Eidolon hunting and the good stuff exclusively comes from Eidolon hunting. You don't need particularily good or rare mods to beat the Jordas Golem and I never said you shouldn't be able to get any of them from any source other than the Golem, just that if you feel like actually achieving the levels of overkill that a well-modded Archwing provides, the Golem would be a good place to farm, rather than having small chances from random missions.
  2. I mean, unless I'm mistaken this is literally the only Archwing assassination in the entire star chart (not counting formorian events) and you don't get any Archwing specific rewards. Plus, he currently drops mods that you can for the most part get pretty much anywhere from random Grineer and Corpus grunts, stuff like Pressure Point and Magazine Warp. Considering that there's not that many Archwing missions to begin with and farming them can be quite tedious, why not have him drop mods for Archwing and Archguns instead? Only few of them have specific farming locations. After all, there's only 8 Archwing missions to begin with. With there only being one Archwing boss and there being a shortage of good drop locations, it feels like a waste to not have him drop anything of that sort.
  3. When you get knocked down, say by a heavy gunner or an eximus unit whilst the Basmu is doing its lifesteal reload thing, the sound effect overlapps resulting in a rather unpleasant drilling sound. Or, in other words: Gun go brrrrrrrrrrrrr.
  4. Fair enough. I was mostly basing my ideas on the concept of making changes that would hopefully not require too much effort (such as making new assets and animations).
  5. Now, I don't think that a lot of people will disagree that our cold lad hasn't aged too well and could do with a bit of a makeover. Generally, people only really use him for one thing these days and that's snow globe for protecting defense objectives. But that's something you can do with other frames (like Limbo) as well, frames that might have some better tools at their disposal. I'd just like to throw in a few ideas for his abilities to make him a bit more interesting. Of course, this is all just very basic and if they were ever to be implemented, they would probably need some balancing pass first to make sure they work well, but anyways, here goes: Passive: Frosts current passive is... well, it isn't particularily great. It only affects melee attackers and only has a 10% proc chance, so you can go for entire missions without ever procing it once. I think there's two possible ways to go about this: Either massively tweak it or replace it outright. I got one suggestion for both: 1. Tweak: The freeze activates in an AoE whenever Frosts shields are broken. To avoid this getting abused to hell and back with a dragon key, the range of the AoE should scale with max shield capacity, meaning the stronger your shields, the bigger the AoE and the harder it is to trigger (of course, the shields need to be restored back to full inbetween AoEs) 2. Replace. Seeing as he's the only real cold-based Warframe right now (with the consequence that the vast majority of cold progenitor frames don't have anything to do with that element. Also, why tf are both Yareli and Hydroid magnetic progenitors, I mean ice is just frozen water), he might as well be better at utilizing that element. Specifically, I think Frost could gain enhanced cold procs that will not only slow, but actually freeze a target at max stacks. Depending on how good or bad that is in practice, frozen targets might either suffer increased damage or be released at a certain damage threshold. 1st Ability: Freeze. This one is situational. The damage is highly neglegible, but it can temporarily disable dangerous targets which is neat. I guess my main issue with this ability is that there's often just no reason to use it properly for lack of good targets whilst it doesn't work well as a panic button if too many key targets are around. My suggestion for a change would probably be to give it something simular to Khora's ensnare and allowing the CC to spread out to other targets if you hit it again. Like, use freeze once on a target and you got it frozen. Use it twice in quick succession and you freeze an entire group. 2nd Ability: Ice Wave. It's pretty basic and not too shabby. The main thing I'd do is make what is currently an augment, namely the ability to leave an ice trail that slows down enemies, part of its base functionality (also, Frost could get a temporary movement speed boost whilst moving over the trail or the impact zone of his 1). Plus, since the ability describtion emphasizes that the ice crystals are razor sharp, how about we force some slash procs on that bad boy so it'll do some damage? The Augment could then instead increase the angle from 60° max to a full 360°, allowing Frost to hit targets all around him (maybe at the cost of slightly reduced range). 3rd Ability: Snow Globe. In a way this is Frosts bread and butter, but it's also really boring. I'd add a hold-to-cast option that creates a much smaller globe which surrounds Frost as a personal shield (kind of like how Volt can pick up his barriers). Additional ideas in that regard (one of which could become an augment) would be powering up his other abilities whilst this personal bubble is active (at the cost of bubble health) or enhancing his attacks with additional cold damage. 4th Ability: Avalanche. This is one of those 4's that start off as a nuke and later on basically degrades down to a utility skill, a lot like Mag's Crush. The damage is nothing to write home about and it becomes all about the CC and the temporary armour strip, though you need a lot of power strength for a full 100% strip. One idea I have in that regard would be to make the victims of avalanche drop shards of ice (1 per enemy hit and maybe an additional one for each enemy killed) that Frost can collect to gain additional power strength which he can use to empower a future Avalanche with a hold-to-cast. It might be a smart idea to cap the amount of shards somewhere but then again, it might be more fun not to do that and have it be like Frosts own little Splinterstorm.
  6. Since the notes are worded a bit weirdly: The Frost change only affects the german localization afaik, where the describtion only stated "When Frost Prime gets hit..." even with regular Frost which made it seem like default Frost didn't actually have a passive.
  7. The Matrices can be a bit annoying, but at least they are in fact guaranteed drops and worth a ton of standing, so if nothing else you can at least eliminate RNG as a factor (though regrettably, it'll come back to bite you in the rear as soon as you are trying to farm your first Necramech and are looking to get the damaged parts.)
  8. The Bo and the Paris aren't. You still get their ressources off the market, but to build the Bo you'll need Salvage (which you don't get until Mars) and an Orokin Cell (which you can actually get, but it's only a small chance from the final stage of low level Cetus Bounties, that aside the Bo is also Mastery 4 and I have my doubts you can get there whilst still on earth) and the Paris requires Morphics, Plastids and Nano Spores, none of which are available either on Earth or Venus. The Braton is the only fully built primary that you can buy for credits that isn't an Mk-1. In Terms of secondaries, you got the Lato and Aklato, the Lex and the Sicarius, Everything else is again either Mk-1 or plat. There is only two fully built melee weapons in the entire market that can be bought for plat and both are Mk-1 (shouldn't be much of an issue tho as the Mk-1 Bo can easily hardcarry you at least until Ceres, particularily since one of the Junctions gives you a free stance for it). So your post is in fact quite wrong, two out of the three weapons you mentioned are in fact not bought with credits. If you want any early upgrades, you'll need to put in the ressources needed
  9. So, for some reason the german describtion of Frosts passive ability specifically mentions Frost Prime. Which got me really upset for a moment, believing that somehow someone decided that regular Frost was fine with having an incomplete kit as long as the (vaulted) Prime has a full one. Now, outside of the in-game describtion, I found no other source claiming that only the Prime had this passive, so I'm assuming that's probably a localization error, in which case this really should get fixed.
  10. Yes, because of course they are. Wouldn't want them to be too squishy, eh? They mostly are. The only points where you can hurt them are their shoulders (which can temporarily remove their arms) as well as a weakpoint on their backs. Plus, they are capable of casting Storm Shrowd which is basically like Rhino's Iron skin with the added advantage of dealing shock damage to attackers in close range, so they can make themselves invulnerable for a while. They can be quite tricky for sure.
  11. They are a bit nasty for sure, especially since trying to melee them is always a bit wonky. Generally speaking, since they've got the Infested Sinew health type, you'll want to attack them with corrosive based weaponry. Alternatively, anything that can cause powerful bleed procs will also do a number to them because it ignores their armour damage resist. I personally like to use a Fulmin that I built for crit, corrosive damage and Hunter Munitions which typically takes care of them quite well. Yup. There's these little crystals that you need to hit with your Amp/Void Beam. First there's one in the middle which you activate to spawn in Loid. You then escort him around the Vault, whilst protecting him against a lot of strong Infested (if he takes damage you can also heal him with the Void damage from your Operator). He then returns to the room, and four symbols on the door will light up which match four crystals in the corners of that room. You then hit those crystals in the order of the symbols from top to bottom which opens the door. Generally, I'd advice you do Iso Vaults as a team. It makes the bonus objective in particular quite a bit easier to do.
  12. In my experience, they aren't difficult to make better. I'm not sure if they got an update since launch or if the community just hadn't quite figured things out, but they are certainly not bad. The somewhat tricky part is the fact that you need to balance out your activities to include a wider selection of Tokens, so that you can trade for Grandmother tokens. The neat part is that you can farm father tokens, otak tokens and daughter tokens pretty much passively because those ressources will drop from random loot containers in the drift (plus, you want to break literally every single rolizor cyst you see in the game anyways because they're one of, if not the best farm for plastids early on, with a chance to award between 30 and 60 a pop which is more than you get from the ressource nodes in star chart missions) and don't actually require you to mine or fish (though you can only get common ressources from those, so sadly no rare parts). Combine that with bounties and the occasional free Vulpaphyla or Predasite capture and it's not particularily difficult to get through the early levels (though I will say that until you have a decent build, certain mobs can be a royal pain to deal with, especially the Deimos Jugulus). Iirc you can do Isolation Vaults as soon as you have finished the Heart of Deimos (with higher tiers being unlocked once you've finished the lower one), so if you are confident in your skill and gear, go for it. Killing the Necramechs in the Vault will yield the items that are both used to gain necraloid standing and increase your rank with them. Of course, since you need to have your Operator to talk to Loid and since you also need Void damage to open the bonus stage, it probably is gonna make the most sense to complete the War Within first. Generally speaking, it does of course mostly depend on whether you think getting your own Necramech soon is important or not, since they're only used in Landscapes and Railjack right now.
  13. Might have to take it up with the wiki then, which claims that for T5 bounties you have a 25% chance in stage 1, a 16.67% chance in stage 2, some in stage 3, a 14.29% chance in stage 4 and cannot get Familial bonds whatsoever in stage 5. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Debt-Bond The wiki is usually pretty reliable in that regard but who knowns, maybe there has been a mistake? All I can say for sure is that so far, it happens to line up with the experiences I have made.
  14. Right here's the thing: 1: I'm talking about abandoning the first stage for efficiency not in terms of standing, but in terms of debt bonds. All debt bonds start with their highest chance of being awarded in the first stage and have lower odds in later stages. Depending on the exact debt bond, only the first two to three stages can even award them to begin with, making the entire rest of the mission a waste in that regard. 2: Certain objectives simply are lengthy no matter what you do. There's no real way of accelerating things like capturing ressources or excavation or defending and objective. Plus, there's objectives that require you to kill a certain amount of enemies which are painfully slow at spawning those enemies in (especially the osprey one. In a full 4-player squad, getting the bonus objective is not always possible because 100 Ospreys just won't spawn in fast enough to be killed with 4 minutes left on the clock). Not saying there aren't any fast ones, but quite a few of them just will take a few minutes no matter how good you are because that's just how the objective works. And wasting 5 extra minutes on objectives that literally cannot grant you the reward that you are farming for is not in fact efficient. 3: Conservation efficiency depends on the subspecies (the most common ones only give 400 on a perfect capture) but no matter what you do, it's never anywhere as effective as in Cetus because they don't spawn unless you use a lure (plus, they aren't worth as much as Vasca Kavats). Mining can easily outpace conservation in the Orb Vallis, with the gems ranging between 50 and 1000 standing a pop and also comes with the advantage that you can store up your gems, meaning you can have a lengthier mining session without being stopped by the standing limit. Additionally, you benefit from any kind of ressource booster (be it from the store, daily log-in or a Smeeta) which will additionally increase your amount of ore. Besides, I've never had a lump of ore die from collateral damage which is another factor to be considered.
  15. So, here's the thing: Solaris United is objectively painful to level up. Just like Cetus, doing Bounties is by far the least efficient method of gaining standing, but unlike Cetus, you need Debt Bonds which are primarily acquired from Bounties to level up (you can also buy them from Ticker, but that costs a fortune in credits and ressources. Sure, you eventually reach a point where you are actually filthy rich enough to afford spending several 100k credits on just a few standing ressources, but at that point you probably have maxed out all of the neutral syndicates already anyways). These bounties are lengthy, sometimes quite difficult (at least for newer players. Dear god, the shock dots are outright lethal) and, worst of all: Not even guaranteed to award their respective bonds. And even if they do, it's miniscule amounts. For instance, you need 35 Medical Debt Bounds overall to progress through all of the ranks. Just playing the bounties, you have a choice of no more (but in later stages significantly less) than 20% of getting 2. Let's just assume for half a second you weren't going to give an arm and a leg for Ticker, but instead farm Bounties, abandoning after the first stage for highest efficiency. Statistically, you get 2 Medical Bonds every 5 runs. You need 35. That's statistically going to be 18 runs of stage one of the same bounty over and over again. And then the same story for the Advances Bonds (of which you need only a little less but which come with a lower drop chance) and Familial Bonds (which you don't need that many of, but it's on top of the other stuff). It's just needlessly slow and grindy. First you spend ages grinding the standing through mining (because it's infinitely more efficient than doing bounties), then you spend ages grinding bounties for Debt Bonds (or spend fortunes to by them from ticker), then you level up, rinse and repeat. It's slow, it's annoying and you still really want to do it, because it's the only way of unlocking Heists which are in turn the only efficient way of levelling Vox Solaris standing and you really want to level your Vox Solaris standing because Vox Solaris offer not only access to two different Warframes (Hildryn and Baruuk) , but also a plethory of amp parts and some of the best Operator Arcanas (especially Magus Lockdown). Now, compare this to Entrati Bounties: 1: Instead of awarding standing, these bounties (as well as all other activities that would normally award standing) award tokens which can be traded for standing. 2: Levelling up with the Entrati only requires a miniscule amount of tokens as well as some wares which can be bought with standing or some easily acquired ressources. 3: Grandmother not only trades tokens for standing, she also offers her own tokens which are worth more standing in exchange for other family tokens and she lets you buy other family tokens with ressources. 4: You can start levelling with the sub-syndicate of Necraloid as soon as you have your Operator (technically even before that). Long story short, in my opinion, instead of granting a stingy amount of SU standing with a chance to contain debt bonds, SU bounties should instead grant the debt bond it currently has a chance to award in place of the standing rewards (they can after all also be traded in for standing) and they should be a bit more generous with it, just like you get a ton of Mother tokens from high tier entrati bounties. This would solve several issues: 1: It would remove RNG from the equation. You could tell ahead of time, how many runs you'll need to get the bonds for the next level. 2: If handled well, it would make bounties a more reasonable and interesting standing farm as it not only would awards more standing than right now (and it really should) but because you also could put in a bit more time to save up some bonds for days in which you don't feel like doing your daylies but still want to max out your reputation.
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