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Fortuna Bounty Glitch: Can't complete bonus objective on Excavation mission in CO-OP(more than 2 players?)


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Hello, Devs. I am a Korean Warframe player and there's a glitch in one of Fortuna Bounty missions

The problem is that when I am doing in CO-OP on Excavation bounty mission of Orb Vallis, I can't complete the bonus objective of this mission which is protecting all of the excavators without being destroyed.

Even though we protect both two excavators in full health, the game just acknowledges as if we protected just ONE EXCAVATOR, therefore considering as a failure.

Because of this, we sometimes can't get bonus rewards(which is qualified by completing all of the bonus objectives) regularly.

I don't know if this bug still exists when doing solo on Fortuna bounties, but I did found that this glitch only appears on Fortuna Bounties.

(The glitch didn't appeared on other open world bounties such as Cambrian Drift or Plains of Eidolon)

I want to insert image or videos of this glitch, but I really want you to play Excavation bounty mission in Orb Vallis.

I really appreciate your help.

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