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The murex derelicts missions


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The narmer are back in action and abducting left and right. The murex derelict remain active, khal and his forces need you to keep a distraction as they rescue veiled victims and gather intel. They have cut off life support! Tenno, incoming Sentients!

The murex tile set is beautiful and the Sentient are a fun challenge for vet players. Utilizing some of the mission varients from scarlet spear and adding the narmer for diversity with the Sentient is beautiful. Different mission types for each tiles set from spy to survival on the murex is greatly anticipated and desired. I understand this is or has been looked at but im curious if the new veilbreaker is a sign of its coming or not.


For those reaidng this and also looking forward to an update with murex, murex steel path and arbitration missions as well as utilizing your nercomech for these missions please place an upvote Tenno.sam-berube-ecclesia01.jpg?1637265049

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