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Kuva lich weapons


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When Trying to get a new kuva weapon the mission is supposed to show you a different kuva weapon each time until you get the one you want to show. This is not working it use to but not anymore. So far it showed me 4 kohm 3 Tonkor 4 Bramma 2 sear, 3 nukor, 3 Kraken, 3 Hind, making this as I play.2 chakkhuur, 2 Drakgoon, 2 Quartakk, 2 ogris. Finally get kuva radiation Hek. I have done hundreds of Lich and this new system was specifically for veterans like me who have been tortured from the beginning in this system. While we are at it fix the phenmor not going to normal fire rate like the Leatum has after charge ends. How about drop an entire gigantic Quality of Life Update instead of more bugged content that doesn't work that you end up nerfing rather than fix problems

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