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Lavos exilus augment idea - Imbued Firepower


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Exilus mod - Imbued Firepower

Upon casting your imbued ability, your weapon attacks deal additional elemental damage based on your elemental imbuement for short duration.

Rank 0 - 20%(guns)/40%(melee) elemental damage for 28 seconds.

Rank 1 - 24%(guns)/48%(melee) elemental damage for 32 seconds.

Rank 2 - 26%(guns)/52%(melee) elemental damage for 36 seconds.

Rank 3 - 30%(guns)/60%(melee) elemental damage for 40 seconds.

- Unlike smite infusion, this mod does not share with allies and add elemental damage similar to saryn's toxic lash.

- casting a different imbued ability will reset the timer. 

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So here is my thought process...

Lavos abilities uses a cooldown and sometimes depending on your cast cycle, you could be left with a small time period where you can't cast an ability. Lavos' passive seems to encourage players to imbue thier abilities with a status effect, however because of the cooldowns and the hold to imbue mechanic Lavos abilities feel as if they take longer to cast then they actually do with little benefit. 

So my suggested mod idea of being able to imbue your attacks with more damage capability after casting the imbuement would give a little more payoff for doing what the passive wants you to do in the first place. 

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8 minutes ago, ZoubitronPrime said:

If it function like Toxin Lash, it would need similar values (30% instead of 100% as you suggest), and shouldn't be exilus.

Toxin Lash is already extremly strong as a power that only consist of toxin if used correctly, so being a passive exilus would be extremly strong on Lavos.

Thanks. Obviously I didn't do the math. lol.

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