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Spearguns bug (?)


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Hello everyone, i dont know if this is a bug or i missed some mechanic of spear guns.

As far as i see, we can throw the spear and can still have a remain one in hand to shoot at the same time. However, sometimes i meet this weird situation where i threw the spear but could not use the remain one to shoot (it was still shown in my frame's hand just would not shoot despite how many time i clicked). I have to click the throw button again to kinda retrieve it and repeat the throw to work normally again. Tbh, it kinda kills the playing rhythm in some situation.

So, is this a bug or i missed some mechanics of this type of weapon ? Im kinda new to these spear guns.

Thank everyone for your time reading this~

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On 2022-09-20 at 11:48 AM, Foxyboi95 said:

Did you roll while pulling the new spear out? Seems doing that bugs the animation and stops it from "deploying" properly. This is a new mechanic for the spear guns. Before, you only had the one and throwing it meant you had to pick it back up.

Ohhh so it is a bug. I cant say i remember rolling after throwing the spear. However, i do remember the bug randomly happens in normal situation with no rolling. I will wait till they fix it then.

Thank for the reply man 😁

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