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Chroma rework/adjustment ideas


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His vex armor is basically his entire kit.


Even elemetal ward is meh because it only factors base stats. Heat is the best because it gives hp. Cold is useless because vex armor gives 10x more armor with a strength build. Electric is good for hyldrin to subsume and toxin is ok for some nieche reload speed builds but still kinda meh.


His 1 is useless and his 4 is useless. His passive is ok. 


My personal opinion on how he can be better:


His 1: keep the same / or something similar to it


His Passive: keep the same or instead depending on the energy color chosen using his 1 his passive changes. For example 50% elemental resistance to the chosen element + some bonus. 


Some ideas:


Fire: fire resistance + hp regen or more total hp


Cold: cold resistance + armor gain or bonus total armor 


Electricity: electricity resistance + energy regen or bonus shield or bonus shield regen 


Toxin: toxin resistance + apply corrosive status to enemies that attack chroma or enemies that chroma attacks or is near 


(Basically a resistance and one bonus thing chosen from the above or something else if you guys have better ideas)


2: elemental ward: keep the same or maybe some adjustments


The only thing I would change is make it a toggle or an infinite duration ability which takes energy on cast or keeps draining energy(similar to either his current 4 or maybe to novas null star).


And maybe make the buffs be total buffs and not just base buffs because base warframe values are too small and weak. And lastly give toxin element maybe movespeed or fire rate or something because reload speed by itself is pretty weak.


4: his worst ability in my opinion.


Either make it into a super saiyan type transformation where he becomes an empowered dragon or make his ability give him a dragon/pet ally like venari. An immobile flying useless turret has 0 benefits as it currently stands. 


I think It should have impact on the gameplay and actually be fun and engaging to use.


As chroma stands right now only his vex armor and occasionally elemental ward are usable abilities. And it makes me sad since chroma in my opinion looks the coolest out of all the frames.









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