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Game Hard Crashes in Orb Vallis Free Roam EVERY TIME - Not happening anywhere else - Started w/ Veilbreaker


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Since Veilbreaker, literally EVERY SINGLE TIME I attempt to Free Roam in the Orb Vallis the game HARD CRASHES,
i.e. Blue Screen Of Death (Playstation Style) and the entire Warframe Game must be rebooted.

This Only happens in Orb Vallis, and Only on Free Roam, e.g. to farm Toroids, etc.
Does not happen is in a Fortuna Mission.  Only on Free Roam.

There have been four (4) occurrences now on my 4 attempts to Farm Toroids / Free Roam the Orb Vallis.
Does not occur in ANY OTHER PART OF Warframe.  Only these specific circumstances (Orb Vallis Free Roam).

It does not happen immediately, but it is happening EVERY TIME.  
Of course that means I lose 100% of anything gained during that time.

Absolutely started with Veilbreaker DLC, like literally The Next Day.
Now I cannot play Free Roam Orb Vallis without it Crashing The Whole Game every single time.

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