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Player quality of life ideas


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Most of these ideas don't fit into any of the feedback sub section threads. So feel free to move this thread if you would like. If you the reader has anything to share or contribute this is your chance please respond and add it to the list below. Before I begin however, I would just like to thank DE for making the game that they have to date. It's an awesome game, super fun and you have done an overall amazing job with it.

1) Rail jack -  Please give us a scrap all command. Clicking through tons of salvage takes a long time and is kind of an annoying experience.

2) Relics - Please give us a refine all command that will attempt to refine all relics of the same type to which ever refinement level you asked for. When you run out of void traces the remaining relics do not get refined.

3) New player experience - When I was new trying to understand how each warframe was intended to be used and what their abilities did was a pretty confusing experience and STRONGLY prevented me from purchasing anything because i didnt know what anything did. After all you wouldn't go to the grocery store and just hand the cashier money with out knowing first what it is you are buying. A more in depth bio that states the general idea or premise of how a frame is supposed to be used would be a good addition. But, the best option that i've thought of to this so far would be a trial mission, where you can "Borrow" a fully moded version of that warframe, that way new players can get the feel for what they want, but can't use it in real games unless they buy/grind for it.

4) NPC Decorations - The moment you made it possible for players to decorate you opened yourself up to a whole new genre of players. Which was a brilliant move to expand your games player database. In addition you have done amazing things in the decorations department over the years. Please listen to us the genre of players who just like to decorate stuff and make visually attractive dojo's. We really want NPC's for decorations. They don't have to do anything special, just a simple idle animation will do. But massive dojo's like in warframe should not have empty halls. The NPC decorations help with the immersion and visual attractiveness of dojo's. Charge us plat for them if you want, we don't care. Just make this happen please. Please don't ignore this requests just because we are a smaller community of players with in your game. 

5) Rail Jack - Pilot - Please improve the pilots AI a little. Half the time my pilot doesn't even appear to be using the guns in the pilot seat and i rarely have any idea of where he is flying to when i try to reboard my ship. In addition, please make it use the gunner position when it is kicked out of the piloting seat by a human.

6) Rail Jack - Engineer/Defender - These roles should be combined. There is no real logic in having an engineer just sit there and getting face pounded by grineer and continue to walk around the ship while he/she is being shot until they eventually bleed out. And yes, this does actually happen. I've sat there and just watched him do it on more than one occasion even though he had a more than strong enough weapon to repel that attack. Again, please combine these two classes and just call it "Defender". In addition, this class should be a little bit smarter about reviving downed players or other NPC's. Finally, please give this class the AI behaviour that if anyone is downed in the ship they will try to revive them. Where as the other classes should only try to revive players or NPC's if they are nearby them. This simple change would greatly increase the rail jack crew experience by a lot.

7) Rail Jack - Rail jacks are something that for a long time I never really got into at first. It was an acquired taste for me kind of like coffee is. But after flying a few missions I learned to love it. I believe this is the reason why there are so few people playing rail jack missions compared to normal ones. The problem now is finding other players to play with. My NPC crew is a great filler/work around for this problem but I just prefer to play with people on my team, not bots. In future patches please consider making one or two rail jack required missions that directly tie into advancing the main story line, just to see if it can jump start peoples interest back into this forgotten aspect of the game. Otherwise, what was the point of making rail jack missions to begin with?

8) Iron wake - This is another aspect of the game that is pretty much forgotten about by the majority of the gaming community. Unless they need to trade in riven slivers. I think it would be cool to see Kahl's camp have some kind of problem with the people of iron wake forcing the player to make some kind of decision about which side they want to be on. No matter which decision the player makes tho they should still have access to an NPC on either side for riven sliver turn in to get their riven, kuva, credit reward.

9) Dormizone AKA "The dorm room" - Dorm rooms serve no real purpose for traveling to as it currently is, which means our dorm rooms will be forgotten and neglected by the average player after a couple of months have past. I have a few ideas and suggestions from other players to help keep our dorm rooms relevant in the long run. A) Please give us access to a navigation/starchart window in our dorm room. B) Please give us a second inventory/mod storage locker. Obviously the storage room would be a grind/pay experience to earn more space in our lockers, but this would greatly help reduce inventory clutter or unwanted but not un-needed gear.

10) Necromechs - Should have mods that attach directly to the necromech (not the weapon) that make it so when you are in a Necromech it increases the value of using an arch weapon somehow. As it currently stands in the Warframe vs Necromech arguement. Why should i choose to use a necromech when it is available when my warframe does all of the same stuff, usually has access to healing, and is many many times more mobile? Since necromechs are currently lower in the mobility field they should get some kind of boost in another field that makes them a more attractive choice when a player has to decide "Should i use my warframe right now or a necromech?".

11) Necromechs - Bonewidow - Please release more weapons and melee mods for him. His melee is poop compared to other warframe melee weapons which are hitting at anywhere from 1.5 million to 5.6million dmg per swing. His melee game is in poor shape and badly in need of some mod love in future patches. Which stinks because I love how bad ass the bonewidow looks making me want to play him more in the steel path type of levels, but i am forced to choose my warframes over him because he just can't keep up.

12) Auto sell option - Inventory & foundry clutter is heading towards a rough shape with all of the new items coming out with each patch. Please give us an option to auto sell certain items & mods once they go past a certain amount. That amount could and if possible should be set by the player. For example: oberon neuroptic (the non prime version), or the mod pressure point. Having the ability to auto sell items just reduces clutter in both our inventories, and especially in our founderies. There is no reason to have 1082 pressure points in my inventory, but I wouldnt mind keeping 5 or 6 of them around either just in case for what ever reason i need one. I hope you understand.

13) Endo booster - I'm very open to the idea of a 50% or 100% endo booster just like the affinity boosters, credits, and resources. Can we make this happen or would it break the game somehow?


14) Sentinel names - Can we get a way to re-name our drones? Because I would really love to call my Helios prime "Inspector gadget" and my Nautilus prime to "Nauti nautilus".

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15 hours ago, Bravojuliet4me said:

Endo booster - I'm very open to the idea of a 50% or 100% endo booster just like the affinity boosters, credits, and resources. Can we make this happen or would it break the game somehow?

endo drops are affected by the mod drop chance booster. only thing is, the only way to get it is from a sortie

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Which mod booster are you referring to? Because even with both res boosters going I never have enough endo to keep up with modding my mods and being able to sell higher ranked mods to people. Even when I go 24/7 style hard on arbitrations. To be fair though, A lot of that is also because I can't give up my statues anymore because they are going to be used as decorations in my clans "Treasure vault" room, but I do always have plat to spare so I was wondering if a pure endo booster of some kind (like a 50% boost or a 100%) would be too game breaking or not and if not than hopefully we could get one to help all the mod dealers out there. Also, I am unsure of how it would effect the in game economy since some people make their plat by flipping statues. So, if the idea ever did get picked up by DE it's something that would need to be approached carefully first.

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