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(SWITCH) Echoes of Veilbreaker: Hotfix #1


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(SWITCH) Echoes of Veilbreaker: Hotfix #1


  • Disabled the Arsenal option when in Captura with Kahl, due to it not propagating Kahl’s respective Arsenal.
    • We will look to add this back in our next Update when we can make the code change for all platforms! For now you’ll want to load into Kahl’s Captura with your best Fashionframe. 
  • Made adjustments to how the Shard Bane Ephemera is placed on some thiccer Warframes: Grendel, Chroma, Nidus Phyrke Skin, and any Oberon Skin.  
    • This fixes the Archon Shards barely showing when equipped.
  • Made several placement adjustments to various armor pieces and Syandanas when equipped on Drifter. 
  • We will continue to make adjustments where needed - if you find an issue with a specific Armor attachment or Syandana please provide a screenshot for our team to assess.
    • Here are some notable fixes (this list is not exhaustive):
      • Fixed multiple issues with Graxx Spitfire Syandana when equipped on Drifter. 
      • Fixed Armor offset issues when equipped on the Drifter Voidshell skin.
      • Fixed some Syandana offset issues when equipped on the Female Drifter.
      • Fixed the Etheria Shoulder Plate sitting too deep into the Drifter’s arm. 
      • Fixed multiple issues with the Mittahk Prime Leg Plates when equipped on Drifter. 
      • Fixed multiple issues with Syandanas when equipped onto the Templar Prime Drifter Suit. 
  • Added the “Attachments” category to the Operator Clothing menu. Operator Ephemeras have been moved from “Transference Suit” to this “Attachments” category with the respective Energy Color option. 
    • As mentioned in Echoes of Veilbreaker, Armor Attachments for the Operator may come down the line later in this category.
  • The Skaut’s Air Support “Kahl Beacon” no longer spawns friendly Grineer units with Hellion Jetpacks equipped. 
    • This was causing many issues due to wonky hover animations - we may re-enable this in the future. 

General Additions:

Iron Wake is now home to a very special memorial to the late Tenno, Datareaper, located just behind Clem’s Fort. Datareaper created the character Clem and, with it, brought joy to many fellow Tenno. His memorial displays his favorite Warframe, Excalibur Prime and the Kronen Prime, as the Kronen was also his creation from a Contest long ago. Clem Forever <3.

Break Narmer Mission Changes & Fixes: 

  • Increased the wind-up time for Sprag’s hammer throw ability in the Break Narmer fight. 
  • The doors to leave the arena will now open immediately after Veilbreaking Sprag (instead of waiting for her transmissions to finish). 
  • Fixed Brother having difficulty placing bomb to activate the entrance into the Sprag arena. 
  • Fixed the “Kahl Sneak Good” (Complete the mission without being spotted by a Deacon) Break Narmer challenge failing after hitting a Deacon with the Veilbreaker ability. 
    • The challenge now requires the Deacon to actually identify Kahl as a target for it to fail. 
  • Fixed Kahl’s Brothers incorrectly placing bombs on Immunodes in the Prison Break mission. 
  • More fixes towards Kahl’s Brothers being unable to destroy rubble to show hidden password in the Prison Break mission. 
  • Fixed physics issues when Kahl is knocked back by Sprag’s hammer throw in the Break Narmer mission fight. 
  • Fixed Sprag’s marker lingering after her small cinematic introduction. 
  • Fixed script error related to Drahks in the Junk Run mission. 
  • Fixed script error in the Prison Break Break Narmer mission caused by reviving downed Brothers.

Console Specific Changes & Fixes:

  • Improved stability of matchmaking and presence servers (from yesterday’s changes in the Echoes of Veilbreaker update). 
  • Fixed file path appearing in the exit survey instead in the “Submit” button. 
  • Fixed Veiled Grineer targets in the Break Narmer missions missing their animations, making it impossible to unveil them (no context action appearing after using the Veilbreaker ability). 
    • This also fixes being unable to access the Sprag fight as unveiled Brothers are required to open their arenas. 


  • Fixed the Attachments Energy color slot not applying selected colors to Ephemeras when equipped on Drifter and Operator. 
  • Fixed being unable to change the colors of the Nyctalus and Eros Ephemera other than Energy when equipped on Drifter. 
  • Fixes towards ammo pickups getting infinitely stuck to you after summoning a Specter while the Vacuum Mod is equipped. As reported here:
    • If you run into this issue, a temporary fix is to clear your ammo from your weapon by shooting to clear the hovering pickups with the same ammo type. 
  • Fixed the doors to the Quills in Cetus opening before transferring to Operator. 
  • Fixed the Shard colors on the Shard Bane Ephemera not appearing in Look Link previews. As reported here:
  • Fixed selected Vitus Emblem’s energy colors not applying. As reported here:
  • Fixed Sprag freezing in place (sometimes mid-air) in the Ven’kra Tel and Sprag fight in the Orokin Sabotage mission.
  • Fixed Sprag in Orokin Sabotage mission not having her leg tube attached properly. 
  • Fixed crash related to Mining Tool UI. 
  • Fixed rare situation where Vendors/Timers were not resetting/updating if the player has 2 or more recent Vendor purchases expire at the same time. 
  • Fixed the Shard Hex Ephemera not updating for other players in the Relay. 
  • Fixed crash related to the UI when quitting the game. 
  • Fixed crash related to Skaut’s Air Support spawning Corpus agents. 
  • Fixed harsh black lighting on the Landing Craft in the selection and customization screens. 
  • Fixed some Syandanas producing dark pixel rectangles on chest's of both Warframe and Drifter.
  • Fixed the UI elements in Syndicate screens overlapping if using a non-standard aspect ratio. 
  • Fixed Chipper missing key (spoiler) details when hitting max rank in Kahl’s Garrison. 
  • Fixed script error that could occur when logging out at the very beginning of a mission. 
  • Fixed script error during the repeated button pressing struggle sequence against Archons in The New War Quest. 
  • Fixed script error that could occur if the Vacuum or Fetch Mods instantly picked up a bundle of Credits before it could finish disgorging from the crate you smashed.
  • Fixed script error with the Grineer Flameblade when they attack. 
  • Fixed script error related to the transmissions queue. 

Known issues:

  • Adding Multishot to the Kompressa makes some of the bubbles explode immediately after firing. 

Code Changes Coming in Future Cert Update: 

  • Fixed crash related to Specters, Umbra (on Transference), and other friendly NPCs that use player loadouts consuming ammo. 
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15 hours ago, [DE]Marcus said:

Added the “Attachments” category to the Operator Clothing menu. Operator Ephemeras have been moved from “Transference Suit” to this “Attachments” category with the respective Energy Color option. 

I'm happy that Drifter customization is implemented! Fingers crossed for Operators too someday :)


In light of that, there's a bug I found regarding their Ephemera category; Apparently the secondary energy color is now missing, so only one overall color can be used. It seems to be the case for both the Operator & Drifter in the respective customization sections.

  • There is a suggestion I thought of however; What if there was a "Copy Suit colors" option for the Drifter / (Someday) Operator attachments / Syandana? I figure that would be similarly useful to how Frames have a "Copy Warframe colors" option in the Arsenal.


I haven't had a real chance to check things out for the Drifter's customization yet, but I hope that they can also use Emblems on each shoulder. I'll keep an eye out for any other bugs regarding their customization.


Edit: After taking another look at Drifter customization, I saw that the Syandana section is also missing a secondary energy color. Aside from that, it would be neat if Emblems could be added into the Sigil section (Like with Warframes), so that they can be used too. I was a tad surprised that they weren't there to be honest. Maybe the lower size threshold could change for Warframes to allow for smaller, emblem-sized Front / Back sigils too someday? Food for thought :)


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