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NSW Lua’s Prey: Hotfix #5


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NSW Lua’s Prey: Hotfix #5

Voruna’s Ulfrun Descent Changes:  
After one week of Lua’s Prey being in your hands and reading your feedback, we have a few changes to Voruna’s 4th ability, Ulfrun’s Descent. The majority of Voruna's feedback has been centered around this ability and its damage output, with the desire to make it feel more deadly. Below is our first take on bumping up the ferocity and opening up more synergy with her kit. We will continue to review Voruna's feedback -  we have a few more things we’re experimenting with! 

  • Added 20% Critical Chance and 1.5x Critical Damage. 
  • Every kill increases Critical Chance by 5% and Critical Damage by 0.5x. 
  • Shroud of Dynar’s Critical Damage buffs also now apply to Ulfrun’s Descent.


  • The Perigale sniper rifle can now trigger the Gale Force buff on headshot kills. It also still triggers if you get 4 non-lethal headshot hits in the same burst.
    • This change was made from player feedback regarding the difficulty in activating Gale Force at low/moderate enemy levels due to enemies dying before you could hit them 4 times.
  • Added an “Arcanes” shortcut in the pause menu under “Equipment” while in Relays and Open Landscape towns. 
  • Added a pop-up warning when attempting to sell a Warframe that has Archon Shards equipped. 
    • “This Warframe has X Archon Shards slotted, which will be lost if the Warframe is sold.” 
    • If you have accidently sold a Warframe with Archon Shards slotted before this hotfix, you can submit a ticket to www.support.warframe.com to reclaim those lost Archon Shards as long as the ticket is sent within 30 days from it being sold.
  • Updated the Perigale’s reload animation to have more kick. 
  • The tail on Xaku Kagura Helmet will no longer appear on Xaku generated Kuva Liches to fix many clipping issues. 
  • Updated the Relic Pack description to include Aya. 
    • “Receive 5 random relics or Aya, a currency used to purchase any Varzia’s offerings. You are guaranteed at least one Rare Relic or Aya from this pack. What secrets exist within them?”

Conjunction Survival Changes & Fixes: 

  • Fixed the Hollow Thrax Centurions not properly spawning in the Circulus (base + Steel Path) and Steel Path Yuvarium nodes. 
  • Fixed a case where Lua Thrax Plasm drops were not dropping at 100% with a Resource Booster active on the Steel Path Conjunction Survival nodes.  
  • Fixed Host hearing the sound FX when Clients enter the Lone Guardian’s buff area. 
  • Fixed being unable to chat link Lua Thrax Plasm. 
  • Fixed script error in Conjunction Survival missions. 


  • Improved performance of the Gallixware Ceramic decorations’ FX from the new Golden Mend Collection.

Cross-Platform Play Fixes: 

  • Fixed player reports in some regions not working. 
  • Fixed being unable to invite players with a numeric suffix from the Recent Players list.
  • Fixed Cross-Platform Play reporting crashing the chat server. 

Nintendo Switch Specific Note:

  • Fixed the Ash Tsukuyomi Helmet and Inaros Horus Helmet not appearing in the in-game Market. 


  • Hotdropped Tuesday afternoon: Fixed being unable to purchase Voruna’s Blueprint more than once from Archimedean Yonta’s Lua Thrax Plasm trade in. 
  • Fixed Nekros’ Terrify 100% Armor Reduction not working on Eximus in Elite Sanctuary Onslaught. 
  • Hot-dropped: Fixed Railjack resource rewards multiplying to extremely high (and unintended) amounts. 
    • This was within a 5 hour window, if you were playing Railjack missions at that time, you get to keep that bonus boon!
  • Fixed blueprint requirements in the Foundry using the Lua Thrax Plasm owned amount number in the UI for items that require base Thrax Plasm. 
    • This was purely a UI issue, the right resource was being consumed.  
  • Fixed Host losing all of the resources/items picked up in an open zone upon returning to the city while a Bounty is active. 
  • Fixed the Battalyst’s laser cluster ability not canceling after being ragdolled. 
  • Fixed the Latron (base and Wraith) having a weird delayed recoil animation, causing it to look choppy and unnatural when shooting.  
  • Fixed some of the Perigale animations issues including clipping through Warframe and pop when clip transfers from hand to gun.
  • Fixed the Grendel Nian Skin default colors not applying to his Pulverize form. 
  • Fixed the Despot Cape Syandana taking on the Warframe’s colors instead of Syandanas. 
  • Fixed Hildryn not having any energy colors when rolling or while Haven/Aegis Storm is active.
  • Fixed the Narmer Scyto Raknoid jumping into the ceiling in the second stage of the fight in the Sneaky Sabotage Break Narmer mission, making it impossible to defeat it. 
  • Fixed the Orokin Shield Drones summoned by Corrupted Bombard Specters being larger than they are intended to be. 
  • Fixed the extraction market moving away from the extraction point in the Pursue Teshin Into the Asteroid Field stage of The War Within quest. 
  • Fixed some long and unrounded percent values appearing for Invasion missions in the Navigation Star Chart panel.
  • Fixed items such as Orokin Cells, Syndicate Medallions, and Reactant missing their light beacons. 
  • Fixed the Material Structure options showing even if you aren’t wearing a Voidshell Skin when equipping certain attachments (notably the Sorex Armor Set). 
  • Fixed text alignment and font size issues for the Invasion mission information in the Navigation Star Chart panel.
  • Fixed swapping between Railjack mode in the Star Chart causing UI issues with the Steel Path toggle. 
  • Fixed “screen mode” and a sneaky Duviri icon appearing when attempting to access Navigation when an update is ready. 
    • Some mainline fallout from Lua’s Prey! Put that back into the vault for 2023. 
  • Fixed some Warframe animation set descriptions in the in-game Market using the text that you see once you own it. 
  • Fixed icon flickering in the Warframe ability screen.
  • Fixed the Emissary Suit’s icon not matching the style of the others. 
  • Fixed a softlock after typing while the in-game Market is loading. 
  • Fixes towards a crash that could occur after leaving the mission with the end of mission screen up. 
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if you tabbed back to a chat window that had many, many items links you haven't seen yet. 
  • Fixed script error with the in-game Market’s landing page.  
  • Fixes towards script error with HUD. 
  • Fixes towards script error with Incarnon Weapons’ HUD. 
  • Fixed script error from Landing Craft customizing. 

Known Issue:

  • Bosses such as Sargas Ruk or Vay Hek do not take damage from single target weapons, only AOE weapons can damage the weak spots. We are looking for a workaround for this! 
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Thanks a lot for your work. I loved the Voruna changes you've made. Much better than before.

Any news about Nova's Antimatter Drop absorption multiplier not working as intended and scaling with Power Strength Mods ?

Any news about Titania's Tribute offering spawning far away or even on the walls ?

Any news about Valky'r Prolonged Paralysis not scaling with Power Strength Mods ?

Is there any possibility that Prolonged Paralysis rework gets reverted and that it knockbacks again Mobs, making it synergize with Valkyr Talon's Ground Finisher multiplier (as it was before) ?




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