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Constant Stuttering/Freezes


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By me, it has helped to disable "resizable bar" in Mainboard Bios. It was enabled by default on my new mainboard/motherboard. 

Now Warframe works flowless. no stuttering and laggy. 

my hardware GPU:RTX 3090 and AMD CPU Ryzen 7900x MB: Asrock x670e. Newest driver/bios and updates. 

on first start with DX12 it needs 5-10 Minutes so compile the shader. in this time its laggy/stuttering.



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I've been having the same problem since I started playing again in Duviri. DX11/ enhanced and the only thing that "fixes" it is restarting the game. Recently upgraded cpu/ motherboard and the stuttering is much less severe/ frequent in a second by second basis than before as it was basically hard freezing for ~1/10th of a second every few seconds whereas now it's probably 1/20th of a second and happens every 10-20 seconds. Went from an i5 8400 to a Ryzen 7 5800X3D.


Edit: The stuttering only occurs when I'm solo/ host when inside a mission, not in orbiter/ camp. Never happens when I'm playing with others who are hosting.

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I've been having stuttering and freezing when I switch to a different monitor. I literally drag the mouse over, and the game completely freezes. Haha, I have to tab in and out to get the game to unfreeze, it's crazy; it hasn't happened before. And that was while I was on DX12. I switched to DX11. Let's see if that fixes it, but they need to do some TLC.

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Well, it ran half a year without any problems. So that's a plus. 

I disabled all services, ended all browsers, anti virus everything. Only Steam and Warframe and now the funny part: Even on low settings it stutters ... but only every third or fifth use of abilities. Most notably with ones like frosts Avalance or Nourish. 
Tried running it in silly 1080p, also with lowest setting instead of maxand 60 FPS. Warframe didn't even show the frame drops, riva tuner did though. What really irks me is: There wasn't any update. 
What really annoys me most is: Exactly nothing has changed. I installed nothing, Warframe didn't get an update but suddenly it stutters. 


Testing found out: It's fine when I am not host... Thank you @xChibix

Edit: This also happens when I go into pure "SOLO" mode. It still stutters, but not when I join others. Now this is odd. 

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