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PSA: Missing Gigelor Prime Syandana to be fixed with Dante Unbound


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Hey Tenno! 

Fix in Question: 
Players who did not receive the Gigelor Prime Syandana with their purchase of the Gigelorum Prime Syandana will be receiving it with Dante Unbound on March 27th! 

On Thursday, Titania Prime and her Gigelorum Prime Syandana returned in Prime Resurgence. We shared in this week’s Sentinel article that, like when she first launched in 2020, if you purchase the Gigelorum Prime Syandana you will also get the Gigelor Prime Syandana (a modified shorter version of the Gigelorum). 

For the first couple of hours that this Prime Resurgence rotation was live, players were not receiving the Gigelor Prime Syandana with their Gigelorum Prime Syandana purchase (as reported here). We managed to fix that issue for all new purchases, but players who had purchased the Syandana before ~3:30 PM ET yesterday are still missing this bonus item. For anyone affected, you will receive the Gigelor Prime Syandana in your inventory when Dante Unbound launches on March 27th! 

Thanks and have a great weekend! 

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